Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


5. Awkward Conversations

Felicité's POV
"Alright! Everyone, we have an announcment to make!" Harry shouted, once all that chatter died down, he started to speak again.
"Once we have the announcment, you can help yourself to the food. But if you'd like to talk to us, you can" He added, gesturing to me.
I didn't want to make a fuss over it all, and I didn't want people to start chattering once I started, so I just kept it plain and simple.
"Me and Harry... We're having a baby" I said nervously, but a wave of relief washed over me once I said it.
I looked at the table with all my girlfriends on it and they had big grins on their faces.
I looked over at Harry's parents, his dad was smiling a bit, unsure of what else to do, Gemma was smirking, she knew before anyone else, and Anne had tears of joy, using her hands to hide her happy face.
My own parents were hugging each other, big grins on their faces, but also slightly teary.
The lads were all cheering and wolf whistling, making both me and Harry blush.
Then there was one person left, and I couldn't find him.
I searched the crowd of people, trying to locate my older brother, but he was no where in sight.
"Harry do you see Alex?" I whispered to him.
He shook his head, unsure, as his eyes scanned the crowd.
He, too, couldn't find Alex.
I excused myself and went inside.
I heard the loud murmurs of everyone outside, realising they must have started the food, but my mind was on one thing.
Where my brother was.
Suddenly, I felt two strong arms envelope me in a big hug.
I looked up and saw Alex smiling, so I hugge back tightly.
"Sorry I left. My baby sister is pregnant so I was a bit shaken" He mumbled into my neck.
Now he wasn't short, but I am fairly tall, not to mention I ha heels on.
I wanted to match Harry's hight for once, he's just so tall!

"It's ok. You're here now. And you're happy right?" I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Of course I am! I love you, and I'm glad Harry's the father, I quite like him" Alex grinned cheekily, a twinkle in his eye.

"Alex! You only like him coz he's hot" I laughed, pulling away from him and taking a step back.

"Maybe..." He said, using his best posh accent. I laughed again and playfully slappy his shoulder.

"I'm SO telling Kyle" I threatened.
Alex's face turned to shocked but then he just shrugge it off.
Like he had anything to worry about.
They were moving soon.
My big brother an his boyfriend were moving to France together in less than a few weeks. He wouldn't get to see the baby.

"I just realised, you won't get to see the baby" I whispered, walking backwards and going to sit on the couch. My eyes started tearing up.
Alex came and sat next to me.

"Don't worry about that. I'll be back when it happens.
I promise. I wouldn't want to miss the only sibling I've got, giving birth to me first niece or nephew" Alex explained, wrapping an arm over my shoulder, I sobbed quietly onto his shoulder and then looked up at him.

"You promise?" I said, my voice hopeful.

"I promise. And I'll bring Kyle, whether he's on house arrest or not" Alex joked.
Someone coughed from
behind us and I jumped slightly, turning around to see both my parents looking shakily at me.
Here comes the awkwardness.


Are you enjoying it? Please tell me becuase if not I'll delete it and start again!:(
Please tell me?:)
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