In Perpetuum: Continuari [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black. Sequel to 'In Perpetuum'. Make sure you read the first story, in order for this one to make sense. A series of one-shots based on the original story, mostly what happened between the end of the story and the epilogue.


9. Verum


The bare feet hardly made an impression in the heavy, deep-blue coloured carpet, no matter how many times Hermione's feet passed over the same spot. She paced from the desk to the bookshelf, the she would turn on the spot and move horizontally across the room, from one wall to the other.

She drew out her wand from her pocket, and waved it in the direction of the bare wall that was opposite her desk. A plush sofa appeared out of thin air and hovered for a moment before landing with a soft bump. Hermione shook her head and vanished the piece of furniture in half the time that it took to make it.

Muttering furiously at herself for a few minutes, Hermione resumed her pacing.

A good ten minutes paused before Hermione repeated her earlier actions of creating the piece of furniture, before vanishing it, seemingly undecided on its necessity.

The sound of a knock on the door reverberated around the room. Sirius poked his head around the door.

"Livvy just got up from her nap. D'you want me to feed her?"

Hermione nodded mutely and Sirius made to close the door, but he was abruptly stopped by her voice.

"Wait a sec..." she cried more forcefully than intended. Sirius brow puckered in confusion.

"Wait for what?"

"Can you do me a favour and owl James and Lils?"

"Ummm...ok? Are you feeling alright? You look a bit pale."

"Fine. I just need to talk to James, Lily, and you for that matter."

Sirius' whole face seemed to be involved in his frown, by this point.

"What do you want me to put in the letter?"

"Just tell them to Floo straight to my office."

To further validate her point, Hermione waved her wand in the air once more, and the sofa reappeared.

"Is it ok if I feed Livvy first?"

Hermione nodded somewhat weakly.


"Cool, see you soon, I guess."

Hermione used the extra time to take some deep breaths and try to plan what she was going to say to them when they arrived. However, everything that she thought of sounded either harsh, or accusing, and she felt like she earned every bit of mistrust that was bound to come her way when the other's arrived and heard what she was going to tell them.

Fifteen minutes passed and all that Hermione could hear was the happy squeals coming from her infant daughter, and the occasional splat, followed by a sigh from Sirius. Today, she neglected to feel any humour in the situation, and the normality of the situation only caused more fury and frustration for her.

Finally, she heard the slight tinkle of plates and cutlery being lowered into a sink, and of Sirius moving about the kitchen, no doubt in search of writing implements. She only had a few more minutes in which to prepare herself.

The clock chimed the hour, and grated on her already frazzled nerves,

A few more minutes passed. Hermione could feel the sweat on her palms, and she could feel that her mouth had dried up, making her tongue feel as though a caterpillar had crawled along it.

A whooshing sound preceded the forms of a raven-haired man and his raven-haired wife.

"Hermione! Is something the matter? Why did you want us to come over here so quickly?"

Words tumbled out of Lily in apprehension. Her face was pale and her green eyes were wide, shining out brighter than normal owing to the pale colour of her skin.

James, similarly, had a pinched look about him, and he too began to fire words at her.

"What's happened?"

The moment of truth had arrived for Hermione.

"We just need to wait for Sirius; he'll be back in a second."

Hermione's limbs had begun to shake, almost uncontrollably as she waited for her husband to enter the room. She tried to distract herself by moving her chair from the desk over to be in front of where Lily and James had placed themselves on the sofa.

"Where's Harry?" she asked, attempting to lighten the mood.

"With the house-elf," said Lily in a voice that hinted at restraint.

The trio lapsed into silence, while they waited for Sirius. Finally he arrived, being thoroughly unburdened of his and Hermione's daughter.

James looked up at his best friend.

"Do you know anything about this?" he demanded.

Sirius shrugged his shoulders, turning his gaze to his wife in a look of curiosity blended with what Hermione perceived to be frustration.

"No, I don't know what's going on," he said with a touch of acerbity.

Hermione watched this exchange with great trepidation, knowing that any angst they felt was about to be increased ten-fold.

She cleared her throat in preparation.

"So...I've brought each of you here today because I have something to tell you...I can only hope that you will stick around long enough to hear me explain why."

Lily furrowed her brows at Hermione.

"What in the name of Merlin could be so bad?"

Hermione took a deep breath and continued.

"I'm not who I've been saying I am."

The looks of confusion on her family's faces intensified.

"Before my name was Hermione Potter, it was Hermione Granger."

"Granger?" mused Lily, "that's not a Wizarding name, is it? That sounds muggle."

"Yes," replied Hermione, "It is a muggle name. I'm muggleborn as James and Sirius already know. I was born on the 19th of September in 1979."

"Hermione, love, I think you've got the dates mixed up. You can't have been born in 1979," said James laughing.

Even Lily reluctantly giggled a little.

"You can't have been born in 1979, unless you had a time-turner and – "

Lily stopped talking, her eyes bulging comically. Hermione could practically see the cogs of her brilliant brain working behind the emerald green eyes.

"You don't have a time-turner do you?" Lily whispered.

It was only after Lily said this that the other two cottoned-on to what she was insinuating.

Hermione shook her head.

"No, I don't have a time-turner," she replied slowly.

"But how?" demanded Lily, all sense of laughter immediately disappearing.

"A spell," said Hermione in a small voice as she watched the most vicious and furious expressions enter the faces of her brother and her husband.

"You lied to us," said James in a quiet voice that scared Hermione to no end.

"Please hear me out. It was to keep to all safe, I promise."

"BUT YOU STILL LIED!" roared James as he pushed himself off the sofa and flung himself out the door. Lily stood to run out after him.

"I'm so sorry Hermione. I'll see if I can get him to come back."

Hermione nodded mutely, before turning to look at Sirius.

He resembled a stone statue, completely immobile, face not giving away even a hint of the inner turmoil.

"Sirius? Please say something."

Sirius opened his mouth a few times in an attempt to make sound, but nothing came out. He shook his head at her, and continued to stare straight ahead.

Lily and James returned relatively quickly considering the fact that James had exploded his temper of his own family members. He took his place beside Lily on the sofa, and he adopted a facial expression that looked as though he was trying to suck his face through the back of his skull.

Hermione received a nod from Lily that was her cue to start speaking again.

"You have to firstly understand that I lived in very tumultuous times," spoke Hermione in a voice that commanded their understanding. "Voldemort was in full power and he was stopping at nothing to ensure that his aims were met. I had been on the run for almost a year with my best-friends. There was a battle, and we were desperate."

Hermione took one shaky breath and closed her eyes momentarily, as though she were watching the war scenes unfold beneath her very eyelids. Though many a year had passed since the events, Hermione still shuddered and felt the tingles of the Cruciatus curse. She remembered it as though it were happening right before her, right this very second.

"I arrived to 1971 from 1998."

A muscle in James' jaw twitched, whilst Lily gaped. Sirius remained stillm eyes glazed over.

"We were inside Hogwarts. The Death Eaters were slowly gaining the upper hand. I had to do something. I couldn't let them die..."

Her voice trailed away at the thought of losing all her friends forever.

Lily gave her a look that she that she understood. It urged her to continue with her story.

"That was when I remembered a spell that would send me back in time. The book that I got it from said that it would send the person back to a point in time when they could evoke the most change. I thought that it would send me back a few months at the most."

James' anger turned to a look of disbelief.

"But when Sirius and I found you, toy looked to be the same age as us, about ten or eleven. You had a wand with you. Ma begged us not to ask questions, but someone of that age cannot do magic like that, nor are they supposed to have a wand."

Hermione shrugged at James.

"That is as much mystery to me as it is to you. The only thing that I can say about that is that the spell must have changed my physical appearance as well. In my time, I was eighteen. The magic in the spell must have deemed it important to change me physically as well as send me back in time."

She paused for a minute, contemplating whether to say what she was thinking. Deciding the affirmative, she continued.

"I'm a little glad that it did what it did."

"You're glad," said Sirius speaking for the first time. His voice was calm, but his face was livid.

"You're glad that you deceived us! Are you even going to tell Moony what you've told us?"

"Yes," replied Hermione in a steady and resolute voice, "I just wanted to speak to him privately. If it were not for me, Remus might still have Estrella."

"Hermione! Don't say that!" squeaked Lily, who was now openly crying. "It's not your fault. You did all that you could. You didn't tell Greyback to attack."

"I did all I could to keep you safe," reiterated Hermione, "and it wasn't enough. If only I had asked for help sooner, less families would have been destroyed."

Lily tried to distract Hermione from her own brooding and sorrows by trying to gather more information from her.

"You said that you were on the run with your best-friends. Who are they? What are their names?"

Hermione hesitated slightly before giving Lily her answer. She knew that it would open the floodgates. However, in the end she decided that she had had enough of the lies and that she needed to be truthful.

"My best-friends were , or rather, are, Ronald Weasley, and...Harry Potter."

The group sat in stunned silence.

"My Harry?" questioned James, in awe.

"Ummm...yeah," said Hermione with a sheepish grin.

"What's he going to be like? Am I a cool Dad?"

Hermione felt herself suck in a large volume of air at James' question.

"James, there's a bit more that I still have to explain to you..."

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