In Perpetuum: Continuari [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black. Sequel to 'In Perpetuum'. Make sure you read the first story, in order for this one to make sense. A series of one-shots based on the original story, mostly what happened between the end of the story and the epilogue.


8. Spes Novi Anni


"It's settled. I'm a whale."

Hermione flopped down onto the sofa, as best as she could, given her altered centre of gravity.

Sirius whipped his head around in fear. In recent weeks his wife's mood swings had reached astronomical proportions, although he was very careful not to mention that to her.

"You're not fat, babe."

Hermione's face crumpled.

"I didn't say the word fat. You think I'm fat, don't you?" she demanded.

Sirius groaned internally wishing that the next few days would fast-forward.

"Mione, of course I don't think you're fat. I could never think ill of you, especially when you are giving me something so wonderful."

He gently placed a hand on her very swollen belly, before speaking in a slightly awed tone.

"In just a few days, this little one is going to be making an appearance.

Sirius smiled at Hermione as a way of diverting her attention away from herself.

"Do you think that the baby will be a boy or a girl?" he asked her.

"I don't know..." Hermione replied slowly, "I think that it could be a girl...or a very meek and quiet boy."

Sirius let out his booming laugh.

"In that case, we'll be having a girl. No male has ever been meek and quiet in the Black family."

"I'm up for a break in tradition," replied Hermione as she tried to hide her devious smile.

"Speaking of which, we still need to decide on a name. I know that the tradition is to name children after a constellation, but how about we compromise. Boys can be named after constellations, girls do not. Agreed?"

"Deal," said Sirius in an agreeable tone, clearly not too fussed about that particular family tradition. "If it's a boy, could we name him Leo? I like the fact that it makes reference to Gryffindor as well."

Hermione giggled at his Gryffindor comment.

"Sure. If it's a girl, I was thinking of Olivia, or Livvy for short."

Sirius twisted his mouth in a disparaging manner.

"I don't think that Olivia is the right name for out little girl – but I do like the nickname Livvy."

Hermione lay back onto Sirius, resting her head against his firm chest, thinking hard.

"Hmmm...What about Belvina," suggested Sirius.

It was Hermione's turn to make an awful face.

"I think I have a relative called Belvina. From what I hear, she is not a very nice person. What about Livvy, on its own?"

"Not regal or important enough for the 'noble and most ancient house of Black'," replied Sirius in lofty tones, "what about Elva?"

"My daughter will not have a name that makes her out to be some kind of fairy."

They continued to volley names to each other for some time, never seeming to agree on a specific name.

"I'm not sure about this one, as it is more of a muggle name, but when I was a little girl my mother told me a story about a princess who went by the name of Lavinia. Ever since then, I loved the name."

"Lavinia...Lavinia...Livvy...I like it. Our own little Princess Livvy."

Sirius and Hermione fell silent for some time, watching the flames rise and fall in the grate of the fireplace. Each was totally immersed in their own thoughts, until Sirius broke the stillness.

"What happened to the Princess Lavinia in the story?"

"She grew up and married a handsome Prince. They lived happily ever after."

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