In Perpetuum: Continuari [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black. Sequel to 'In Perpetuum'. Make sure you read the first story, in order for this one to make sense. A series of one-shots based on the original story, mostly what happened between the end of the story and the epilogue.


6. Nuptias Celebratis


You are cordially invited

To celebrate the marriage of

Sirius Orion Black


Hermione Jean Potter


19th September 1979


At Potter Manor

"Lily, I can't believe the day has finally arrived! This time tomorrow I will be Hermione Black!"

Lily grimaced slightly, but spoke in mocking tones.

"I can't believe you are marrying one of them."

Hermione turned away from the mirror that she was sitting in front of.

"That's a bit rich, soon-to-be, Mrs Potter."

"Touche," replied Lily with a grin.

It was at this point that Ma bustled into the room.

"Hermione, my darling, you look beautiful. But you would look more beautiful if you have your dress on. Where is it?"

"Thanks, Ma. It's hanging in the bathroom, on the back of the door."

Ma went to retrieve Hermione's wedding dress. She was levitating the heavy satin back into the room, so that there was no chance of it creasing. She raked her observant gaze over it, ensuring that no beads were loose and that the dress was not damaged in any way.

A sweetheart neckline had been embellished with the smallest beads in the most delicate pattern. Not a single ounce of magic had been used to embroider and bead the bottom of the skirt and the small train. An A-line skirt skimmed over the tops of Hermione's hips with the smallest part of her waist being nipped in by a crimson red sash.

With natural make-up and a simple chignon in her hair, Hermione had never felt so beautiful.

"Sirius won't know what's hit him," whispered Lily as she did the last of the buttons on the back of her dress, her smile wide as she worked.


Hermione felt as though time itself had sped up as she stood at the end of the aisle. She felt Pops hold her arm beneath her elbow, linking her arm into his.

She watched the purple-silk backs of Heloise and Lily make their way down the aisle between the seated guests.

Gripping her bouquet of red roses, Hermione slowly and carefully put one foot before the other, trading carefully on the purple silk walkway.

She alternated between taking deep, steadying breaths, and chastising herself for feeling the need to do that. She was marrying the man that she loved, there was no reason for her to see it as an extreme sport, although others may disagree.

Finally, she reached the end and she felt Pops hand leave hers, a gentle but encouraging kiss was placed on her cheek.

At that moment, Sirius turned around, seeing his bride for the first time. When Hermione's woodsy-brown eyes looked into his silvery-grey ones, nothing else seemed to matter. They were the only two people in the world. An energy seemed to pass through their now intertwined hands, almost as though it was the very energy that was keeping them alive and on this Earth.

The officiating wizard waved his wand over them, and a shower of sparking silver stars erupted from the end of his wand, and moved around them as they sealed their love with a kiss.

A cheer broke out from the crowd and Hermione could just about make out Ma's sobbing.

She and Sirius turned to face their guests, a smile delighting each of their faces as their guests had now risen from their seats in applause.

The officiating wizard waved his wand once more, transforming the red and purple banners hanging from the trees into a kind of canopy. The edges of the canopy descended downwards, making a lavishly decorated tent, complete with chandelier hanging in the middle of the dance floor.

Some of the chairs had transfigured into small tables, while others duplicated themselves to ensure that everyone who wanted a seat, got one.

Each of their guests rushed forwards offering them congratulations before making their way around to find their seats.

The towering cake was cut and served to all their guests, and in no time at all, it was time for Hermione and Sirius to share their first dance.

"Did you ever think that this was going to happen?" Hermione whispered to Sirius as she leaned in towards him.

Sirius let out a bark of a laugh despite the tenderness of the moment.

"No," he said, "but that doesn't mean I would trade it for anything, Mrs Black."

'Mrs Black, thought Hermione, 'that's going to take some getting used to.'

She let a smile escape her lips.

"What are you smiling about?" teased Sirius.

"Nothing that's vital," said Hermione, now openly grinning, "Mrs Black, just sounds a bit weird to me. That's all."

Sirius was now also grinning broadly,

"Well, you'd better get used to it," he said, "you're now my wife, as long as we both shall live!"

He swooped down towards her, capturing her lips into a searing kiss amid whoops form several of their guests.

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