In Perpetuum: Continuari [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black. Sequel to 'In Perpetuum'. Make sure you read the first story, in order for this one to make sense. A series of one-shots based on the original story, mostly what happened between the end of the story and the epilogue.


10. Clavis Veniam


"Sirius, you have to talk with him at one time or another."

Sirius made a point of fixing the bed sheets on his side of the bed, not looking over at his wife.

"It's not that easy..." he replied somewhat pathetically.

"He's your brother. No matter what anyone says or does, nothing can diminish that."

"What kind of a brother aspires to be a Death Eater?"

"Sirius, you will listen to me. He has served his time in Azkaban; he has repented and been welcomed back into the Wizarding world. How can you say that about Regulus?"

It was at this point that a pained expression crossed Sirius' face, and he spoke in a low voice.

"He could have been killed."

All at once, Hermione knew what the problem was. Sirius did not hate his younger sibling. His anger and mistrust were definitely prominent, but there was something else in the fore.

Judging by his comment, Sirius was afraid for his brother's life. That was not congruent with someone who wanted to never see or speak to his brother again.

As Hermione contemplated this, a cry bubbled up from the nursery that was attached to hers and Sirius' bedroom. With a sigh, Hermione climbed out of bed and moved over to the crib. She scooped the baby up and held her to her chest, jiggling her up and down in an attempt to placate her.

Being somewhat successful with this action, Hermione walked herself back into the bedroom, towards the bed. She placed their daughter in the middle of the bed, between them.

"Hello my beautiful little princess," cooed Sirius to the now happily gurgling baby.

Hermione need not have worried at Lavinia's birth. Sirius was a natural father despite his own turbulent parental relationship.


"Yeah," he replied, not looking up from his daughter.

"Please, if you do nothing else – talk to him. I want Lavinia to know her family. All of her family."


"Uncle Reggie! Uncle Reggie! Look what I can do!"

Five-year-old Leo Black kicked off from the ground. The broomstick rose a few feet from the ground. Apparently, this was a few feet too many for his mother.

"Leo Granger Black, plant your feet back onto the ground this instant. How many times have I told you not to take your father's broomstick?"

Gloria babbled nonsense words happily as she bounced on her mother's hip. Hermione was grateful that she was an easy baby. She did not know what she would have done if she had had a repeat of Leo.

"The next time that you do it, I won't let you play with Harry."

The Potters, that is, Lily and James, with six-year old Harry and two-year-old Ellie, only lived a short walk away. Harry and Leo were inseparable, and often Hermione would only hear a short burst of their laughter, followed by the front door slamming behind them as they ran off to play at Lily and James' house.

"Nooooo! Mummy don't, I want to play with Harry!"

"Then don't play with your father's broom."

Regulus had spent the entire time quietly chuckling at his nephew, thoroughly amused that they boy had the audacity to talk back to his mother.

"What are you sniggering at Regulus Black? You ought to know better! Make yourself useful and come lay the outdoor table for lunch."

Hermione disappeared inside once more, shouting for her husband to get off his lazy backside and help.

Despite the strict orders, and rigorous standards he had to adhere to on behalf of his sister-in-law, Regulus could not help but grin at his wacky, but very loving and accepting family.



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