I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


16. Zayn's POV

Zayn's POV

Wow.. After Harry talked to me I felt really awkward. But I did need to let my anger out somehow, right? Maybe he was right though... Maybe this was all too much to do. But it did help me. Instead of feeling through my emotions, I felt it physically. And how am I going to tell Abby this? She will probably just think of me differently and leave me. I knew we were to good to be true. I know she will freak out and think I've gone emo or something, maybe even goth. But I haven't! It's all Meagan's fault. Why did the management have to put us together anyway? I know they will be furious when they hear what happened. I'm just glad she's gone. But how will I get Abby to stay with me? I know she will leav-
I was cut off of all my thoughts as I jumped to see a shocked Abby.
"Zayn, what are you doing?" She asked.

"Cleaning my wr-" Waite Zayn, don't say wrist she will know something is up! "Arm"

"Zayn, no your not, be honest." Okay, I have to tell her soon but how did she know where I was?

"Who sent you up here, anyway?" That came out a little harsh. Whoops.

"Harry.." She said eyeing my bloody towel. A long pause was left for about a minute then she did what I didn't want her to do. SHE TOOK OFF MY TOWEL!

"ZAYN! Why would you do this?" She yelled worriedly. Then she took my hand and waved it infront of my face. Doesn't she know that hurts to touch clean cuts? I winced in pain. I guess she could see so she let go, just searching for an answer in my eyes.

"Why?" She asked again. I really don't feel like telling my story again. I know she will freak out and start to judge me. "Zayn, please. You can tell me anything.." She said. Ok, I have to tell her, but not the whole reason.

"I'm sorry.." I trailed off. "I got mad" I paused for a moment. "At myself" I finished. Now she probably thinks i am a freak for getting mad at myself but its true.

"Zayn, that doesn't mean you go and cu-" I cut her off. I just have to tell her why. I can she how disappointed she is in me.

"I did this because I was mad at myself for letting Megan take advantage of me" she looked at me with a confused yet concerned look waiting for an explanation. I just have to explain everything to her. Here goes nothing. Maybe she will still love me after I say what really happened.

"Megan told me I had to kiss her or she wouldn't stop leaving me alone. I didn't want her to come to me, or to us, and bother me. So I kissed her." My eyes started to get watery and I felt tears coming. I looked down so she wouldn't see my cry and waited until the tear rolled off my cheek to continue. "I kissed her and she wouldn't let me pull away. Soon enough, I heard you and Harry come in and she just kissed me even harder. She still wouldn't let me go. I heard you crying and I knew I broke you. I knew you were mad at me. And I knew I was the reason you were bawling your eyes out. I just got mad at myself because I upset someone I loved so much. Someone who didn't deserve to feel that way. Someone who was so beautiful and caring and probably hated me. I felt like I lost you. So once she left I kinda went mad and came in here and found the only thing I could to get rid of my pain" I admitted. I let it all out. Of course this is the part where she storms out because she is pissed at me and she never comes out. All because of -

I felt warm hands wrap around me. She was hugging me. I was wrong. I was on the urge of crying. She actually forgives me.

"Zayn don't even worry about losing me." She whispered to me as I pulled her in closer, enjoying this moment.

"Abby, I just, I love you" I admitted. She pulled me closer, if that was even possible.

"I love you too" she whispered back. This planted a huge smile on my face. She loves me. I just really want to kiss her though....

"Does this mean you forgive me?" I asked her, pulling her out of the huge and searching in her beautiful eyes.

"Yes. I forgive you." She smiled but then it faded. She said something abut 'don't cut again, but I couldn't help myself. I was at the point where I HAD to kiss her. So i pulled her in and crashed my lips to hers, feeling the sparks. Feeling her soft, delicate lips move in sync with mine. But most of all feeling the love. This is the girl who I want to spend the rest if my life with.

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