I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


3. Zayn's House



Zayn’s POV

I hope Abby doesn’t feel weird visiting me and the rest of the boys at my house for a while. Plus, the only thing I knew about her was two things. One, her name is Abby. Two, her dad wasn’t the best. This would give her time to be free from all of the things her dad has put her through. Who knows, maybe she will love the boys! There’s only one way to find out! I turned the car off and Abby just sat there. “Umm Zayn?” she asked. She looked kind of lost as if she didn’t know where she was or what to do. “yeah?” I answered back starting to regret ever coming here. I knew she felt awkward and I wouldn’t blame her. “Is this your house?” she asked, changing her face expression. She look almost amazed. Idont know why though. I could feel that she knew this was my house and she just asked that to keep the conversation going. “yeah it is” I said, laughing how she looked at the house. “Wow, its so big and beautiful!” she said as she opened her door to get out and see the house in real life. I just watched to see what she was going to do. She walked out of the car but didn’t close her door. She just looked up at the second level of my house. The she turned around to look at me and shouted “Well, are you coming?” I was smiling when she asked me this. I could tell she was ready to go in it and just look around. I got out of the car and locked it to where it made those beeping noises. Once it went off we started making our way inside. Little did she know, she was about to meet the boys. They all came rushing out shouting my name. Gosh, I wonder what Abby was thinking. I looked over at her and she was actually smiling when she saw them coming out acting all misbehaved and childish. “Zayn, where have you been? We were about to watch your favorite Christmas movie, Elf!” Louis asked me. He was very energetic. Abby started to laugh and Louis looked over at her. “Ahh, nice goin’! You finally got a girl” Louis teased as he whispered quietly enough so Abby couldn’t hear.  I kind of laughed at this comment but replied in a whisper to Louis “She’s not my girlfriend” I said. The words I just said made me a little sad. Even though me and Abby were just friends, I wanted us to be more but I didn’t let it get to me that much. I just enjoyed the time I had with her today.


Abby’s POV

I heard them talking about something. The boy with brown straight hair kept looking at me so whenthey stopped talking to eachother, I brought up an idea. “Hey, I heard you guys say something about the movie, Elf! I love that movie, can we all go watch it?” I asked them, hoping I didn’t do anything wrong.. but all their faces lit up when I said this. “Yeah lets do that!” the blond haired boy said “after we get food” he finished. Everyone laughed except for me, I wasn’t in on the joke because I hadn’t known them real well. Oh well, I still laughed like I knew what was going on! We all went in Zayn’s house.  When we got in, Zayn whispered something to the curly haired one and then that boy said “Lets all introduce ourselves to Zayn’s friend!” im guessing Zayn told him to say that. I started to smile knowing that I was being noticed. The one with the saved hair walked up to me and said “Hi! I’m Liam.” He gave me a little hug. Then it went on down the line. I met Niall, Harry, Louis, and of course Liam. After that we all sat down on the couches and chairs and Zayn turned the TV on and Louis stuck the DVD in. I sat in the middle of Zayn and Niall. And Harry managed to squeeze in beside Niall. Louis and Liam sat in two seprate chairs, part of the simi- circle created around the TV when all the furnature was in order. I really wanted to cuddle up next to Zayn while we were watching the movie.  I didn’t want him to think it was to early for all that but I did it anyway and he didn’t seem to mind. He wrapped his arm around me and I cuddled up right next to him and quickly fell asleep, right in his arms. I was woken up by the boys a couple of times when they would laugh at the funny parts of the movie but I didn’t mind.



Abby’s POV

I woke up.  Still on the couch, Still with Zayn wrapped around me. I guess I was an early riser because all the other boys were crashed out in random positions. Harry’s was hanging off the couch and his foot almost toughing me, making it go over Niall. Niall was laying normally, but with pizza all over him. Liam was halfway in his chair, halfway on the floor. Louis somehow managed to go over to liam and decide to use his foot as a pillow.Yep. Completely normal. I giggled a bit with my head still lying on Zayn’s side when I investigated how they sleep. Me and Zayn were the only ones who didn’t move through the night. Hah. I heard someone start to wake so I pretended I was still asleep. I think it was Louis because his exact words when he woke up were “What the heck and I doing on Liam’s foot?” I laughed a little when he said that and then I felt someone staring me down. I felt a body walk closer to me. Then whoever it was picked me up and threw me over their shoulders. I let a little scream out and started to laugh. Yep, it was Louis. He put me on the chair and then he ran over to the couch. I let out a little “uh!” and he started laughing. Then he started making fun of me. To be honest, it was quiet funny cause he kept on hugging on Zayn and doing crazy stuff to him. Liam woke up when he heard me and Louis laughing. Liam threw a pillow at Louis but missed and it hit Zayn. I couldn’t help but giggle. Zayn shot up and threw it back in my direction, so I threw it at harry and niall. Niall woke up and sat up but he didn’t know Harry’s legs were onto of him so when he sat up, harry flew off the chouch. “Clumsy Harry” Louis mocked. Harry stuck his head up. “Hey I heard that!” he said. “Good! I wanted you too” Louis replied and Niall just started laughing. Zayn fell back to sleep. Once he was back into a deep sleep, Harry went up to him and put a cheeto sticking out of each of his ears. I laughed at that so hard. “I bet Abby would eat those cause they came out Zayn’s ear!” Louis teased. I just threw the pillow that was in my chair at him to shut him up real good. “anyone want me to make them some eggs or anything?” Liam suggested. “I want anything you can find in the cabinets” Niall said. Ohh I think I caught on to the joke from last night. Niall had a special relationship with food. I got it now! I wasn’t to hungry. i looked over at Zayn and started to think about him. I slept by him last night. That’s a good step! Hah-. My thoughts were stopped when someone started the pillow fight again. It hit me straight in the face. It felt like it came from Zayn and I looked over at him and he had his head under the pillow but It wasn’t covered very well. I could see his mouth shaped into a smile and his eyes wide open. I quickly threw the pillow back at him and he came and attacked me. He started to tickle me. Oh no! he found my weakness! I started laughing so hard it wasn’t funny “Zayn-Zayn!! St-stop!!” I said while laughing between every breath. He had a huge smile on his face “That was for letting Louis sleep beside me” he said. I started laughing because one cheeto hadn’t fell out of his ear yet and I took it out for him. “Where did that come from?” he asked. “your ear!” I just bursted out laughing! Me and Niall were the only ones laughing. “What?” Zayn asked, confused but still smiling. I pointed at Harry. Harry started to laugh. “yeah I put Cheetos in your ears while you were asleep!” Zayn started to laugh too!


Zayn’s POV

I cant believe I didn’t notice it but whatever! I still had fun! I just hoped that me and Abby could get some alone time today so we could get closer. It had only been the second day I have ever known her so I felt like I needed it. I saw Abby still laughing at me. Her laugh was so cute! I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit with her. “Hey im gonna go take a shower” I heard Niall say. “ok have fun!”  Louis shouted then Abby started laughing again. She was like another Niall cause she laughed at everything! I can admit, it was cute though when she did it. Then I heard her soft, delicate voice start to speak. “Hey I might need to go to my house and fresh up too.” She looked up at me while she said this. “Ok, do you want me to take you to your house or something?” I asked her. She started to giggle “My car is still at the mall” she said. It made me laugh a little. “Oh I guess I’ll take you to the mall then!” “Okay let’s go!” I felt like she was egger to get there, like she didn’t want to be around me or any of the other boys again. But then I felt better as she asked me something on the way to my car. “So, do think I could meet up with yall again sometime today?” She looked up at me and smirked. “Sure! We could all meet for lunch or something. Here, let me give you my number so you can call when your ready.” Her face lit up when I suggested this. I could tell she was happy at this offer. “ok! I’d love for you to!” she said in a weird voice that made me laugh.


Abby’s POV

He offered to give me his number! We must be off to a good start. We pulled into the mall but it was closed. It didn’t open until 11:30 so we couldn’t drive in the parking lot and go to my car. “Looks like their closed” Zayn said. “Really? I didn’t know!” I said in a sarcastic voice. “Yeah, sorry.” He said, playing along. We turned around and started to head back to his house when It hit me, he could just drive me to my house!

 “Hey Zayn, do you think you could just drop me off at my house?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure but your gonna have to show me how to get there.”

I laughed a little “Nah. Im fine” Zayn smirked and playfully punched me on the shoulder.

“Ok you turn down a street and it’s the house beside the old, cruddy one” I told him. He laughed at what I told him.

“Your going to have to be a little bit more specific” He said to me turning to me for a second, but put his eyes back on the road.

“Fine” I said “act like your going to your house” I told him.

“Ok, we must live close then.”

“Nope, not at all” I said and smirked a bit.

After giving him more directions to where I live, we got to my house. I opened the car door and hopped out. Before I could close my door he stopped me. “I forgot to give you my number” he said. I smiled and got my phone out and he snatched it out of my hand and entered his number and gave it back to me. “Call me when your ready to eat lunch with us” Zayn told me. I smiled at him. “Ok, I will. Bye!” “Bye Abby!” He was saying while I closed the door. Before I got my keys out to unlock the door, I waved goodbye to him and he was pulling out of the driveway. I ran inside and went straight for the shower. I grabbed a towel and turned the hot water on. I washed my hair and scrubbed off. I got out and check the time. It was 11:23. Hah, I took an hour shower! Oh well,  I still had time to get dressed in time for lunch. I got in my room and looked for something really cute. I put on some skinny jeans and a cute yellow and white striped shirt. I looked for my phone and went through my contacts and saw someone named cheeto. I called that number cause I thought it would probably be Zayn.

“Helloo. Who is this?” the person on the other side said. It kinda sounded like Zayn.

“Its me, Abby! Im ready to eat with you guys!”

“Oh yeah but Niall, Liam, and Harry cant come because they are having trouble singing one of our songs so the management thought it would be good for them to practice so it will just be you, Louis, and me. Is that okay?” I heard Zayn’s soothing voice say.

“That’s fine!” I said, trying not to sound to happy but I was. Me and Zayn were almost alone but with Louis. That didn’t matter though. Zayn probably didn’t even like me more than just a friend.


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