I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


2. The Car ride..home?


Zayn’s POV

Really? Did she just pay for my accident? Hah I guess she did. I smiled back at her. God I wanted to kiss her but I just met her today so it probably wouldn’t be right. “Your not getting away with this” I said smiling back at her. “Oh yes I am!” she said in a cute, sassy voice. She ran out of the hospital and went straight for the car. I ran after her and wanted to stop her. I got to my car and saw he yanking on the door handle. I started laughing to myself. I unlocked the car from where I was standing and she quickly got in and sat the bag down then buckled her seat belt. When she got in she sat her head back and started laughing. I Quickly saw the bag a placed 75 dollars in it. “I told you you wouldn’t get away with it” I said with a smile. She looked at me with a silly face “Now why would you do that?” she asked grabbing the money and trying to give it back to me. “Just keep it” I said, starting the car. She put a little fake pout on and stuck it in her purse. I just chuckled a bit. Dang I loved this girl already but I knew she probably wouldn’t care all that much for me. “So, when you said that little girl might just be a fan, What do you do that makes you famous?” she asked me. I guess she hasn’t heard about One Direction but this didn’t upset me at all. “Oh just me and my friends are in a band, One Direction” She looked at me while I said it, I could feel it. “I’m sorry I haven’t heard about yall yet, my dad is really strict and doesn’t let me do that much but educated things, that’s why I love it when he takes his yearly business trips with my mom, so I can be myself and go shopping and do what I want to do.” She told me. Man, I felt so sorry for her. She had a father that wouldn’t let her ever have fun or go out, I’m guessing. “dang, that must be hard, having a father that wont let you have fun” I said to her. She looked kind of down. Great. What was I going to do about it without hugging her or getting to physical but I felt like she needed it. So once we got to a red light, I leaned over to hug her with one arm and wrapped it around her shoulder. I saw a tear fall from her face. Even better. I didn’t want her to be sad cause I cant do much, I don’t know her well enough and I didn’t want her to feel awkward.


Abby’s POV

I tried to hold the tears in as Zayn hugged me, I didn’t want him to think that I was weird or anything. I couldn’t help it though, I felt so comforted. I had let it all out and noticed the tear stream rushing down my face. “its okay” I heard him tell me in his beautiful, caring voice. i felt a little better as my feelings for Zayn started to grow. After a couple of minutes passed by, I saw him passing the out-lit mall where we ran into each other. “hey where are we going?” I asked getting out of his arms and sitting up. At this point my tears stopped falling, I was actually kind of laughing. “You’ll see” he said in a playful voice. He started to smirk and I let out a little giggle. At this point I could tell I was falling for Zayn a bit more. I didn’t want to leave him cause we only met when he bumped into me and wanted to make sure I was okay. I knew this day wasn’t going to last. Right now it was about 6:30 though, it was almost dark out and the day was ending fast until I saw we were pulling into a driveway that wasn’t mine. I had mixed feelings about this.  I was happy about not leaving Zayn but I wasn’t sure how he felt about me, and I had never fell in love with a boy nor went to a guy’s house, not even a friend’s house because of my stupid dad. But I didn’t over react to much. Why would he have ever brought me to his house in the first place?

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