I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


15. Surprise!

Abby's POV

Harry went upstairs to talk to Zayn and Liam came to stay with me. He sat down and i snuggled my head into his chest and just cried my eyes out. 

"Whats wrong?" i asked worried. i was crying so hard i wasnt sure if i could talk. Zayn really hurt me.

"Zayn.." i said in between my tears. 

"Abby, what happened, How did Zayn really hurt you?" he asked concirned now. 

"How do you know he hurt me?" i asked. Could he really read my mind that good?

"You just said 'Zayn really hurt me' and then you said his name. Just tell me what happened? You know you can tell me anything." Liam said. Crap, i didnt mean to say that out loud. 

"Harry and I went upstairs to find you guys.." i said with those hiccups that you get when you cry really hard and try to talk at the same time. "And.. when we walked in the room, instead of finding you guys. We found Zayn..." i said. i didnt want to finish what i was saying. I couldnt say it with out bursting into more tears. 

"Why is that so bad?" he asked. 

"He was kissing Meagan." i said burying my head deeper into his chest, crying. 

Liam's POV

"He was kissing Meagan." 

My ears were not ready to hear that. She has got to be kidding me. Everyone hated that bitch, even Zayn! Why would he cheat on a beautiful and soulful girl for that slut? The only reason Zayn was dating her was because management made him but we couldnt tell anyone because everyone believed it was real love. Zayn couldnt have meant it when he kissed her right? Meagan must be up to something. 

"Are you sure?" i asked.That was stupid to ask.

"Yes Liam! His face was practically sucked inside hers!" she yelled like she was mad. Wait, once i let what she said settle down i realized what she said. HE was pulled into HER. that means she was the one kissing Zayn right? Not Zayn kissing Meagan.... right?

"Hey what you just said sounded like a relief." i said and she had a confused look on her face.

"Why, because they were kissing and it wasnt me?" she asked, mad.

"No, You said he was pulled in by her. That means she was kissing him, not the other way around. Right?" i asked. She had no expression on her face. 

"I guess thats how it sounded.." she trailed off. She just sat there thinking and her tears were slowly coming to a stop.

"If she was the only one kissing, then why didnt Zayn pull away?" she mumbled. i could barley hear her. 

"He probably was trying to.." i trailed off. 

"What?" she asked. "Oh, i guess i said something out loud again.." she said, going back to thinking just as Harry came downstairs with a horrid look on his face. 

"Abby, you need to go see Zayn, now." He said. He looked freaked out. Abby was scared from Harrys reaction but went up stairs anyway.

Harry's POV

i was completly shocked. Why would Zayn do this?


"i dont know, i got mad at myself.." he said, putting the bloody razor down and detaching it from his skin. He already made five slits in his skin and im not letting him make any more. 

"Zayn, you dont need to be doing that to yourself." I said putting the razor in my pocket so he couldnt keep doing it. 

"Im sorry, i just got mad!" he yelled. im surprised nobody from downstairs came up here.

"Why Zayn? You know you can talk to me!" i said. Why can he just tell me why he was cutting himself?

"Its Meagan. She made me kiss her if i didnt want her back around. And i tried pulling away but, she wouldnt let me. Then i heard Abby crying and i knew i hurt her. But it was my fault. So i got mad at myself for hurting her and i just came in here and...found a razor..." He trailed off. i was still freaked out by him even having the thought. 

"You need to tell Abby the not me." i said, staring at the scars he made that were oozing out blood. 

"Yeah your right. Can you go get her while i clean my..uh, cuts?" he asked. 

"Sure." i walked down stairs, still shocked that Zayn did what he did. I knew the quicker he talked to Abby, the better things would be. He wouldnt have an urge to cut himself anymore. 

"Abby, you need to go see Zayn, now." i said at the bottom of the stairs. She looked scared by how i said that. She stood up and walked over. She let a small, fake smile spread on her lips as she walked pass me and up the stairs. I sat in the couch beside Liam and sighed. 

Abbys POV

i wonder why Harry said i need to go see Zayn like that? oh well, ill just see when i get my way up there. 

I got to the top of stairs and went into the room. Weird, he wasnt in there. I walked in further and the bathroom light was on. i walked in and Zayn had a wet towel on his wrist. When i walked in he jumped. 

"Zayn.. what are you doing?" i asked looking at his writs. There was even blood on the towel. He didnt... did her?

"Cleaning my wr- arm" he said looking down at the towel. 

"Zayn no your not. be honest, please!" i said. i was so close from snatching the towel away from his hand to see what was under it. 

"Who sent you up here anyway?" he asked mad. What did i do?

"Harry.." i said. i couldnt help it. i had to know. i snatched the towel from his hands and there they were. Five scars on his wrist with a little blood on them and even more blood all over the towel. 

"ZAYN!" i said, scared yet worried. My eyes started to water up. "Why would you do this?" i yelled at him shaking his own hand in front of his face so he could see what he did.. He winced because of my grip so i let go. 

"Why?" i asked in a lower tone. almost whispering. He hesitated for a moment.

"Zayn, please. You can tell me, anything." i said at the same tone.

"Im sorry.." he trailed off. "i got mad...at myself..."

"Zayn, that doesnt mean you got and cu-" i was cut off by him.

"I did this because i was mad at myself for letting Meagan take advantage of me." he said. What is he talking about? i looked at him with a confused expression. i guess he could read my expression i sent to him because he started to explain. 

"Meagan told me, i had to kiss her or she wouldnt stop leaving me alone. i didnt want her to keep coming to me, or to us, and bother me. So i kissed her." he said looking down at the ground and a tear fell out from his eyes. He looked back up at me once it fell. "i kissed her and she wouldnt let me pull away. Soon enough, i heard you and Harry come in. She just kissed me even harder then. She still wouldnt let me go. I heard you crying in the background and i knew i broke you. I knew you were mad at me. And i knew i was the reason you were bawling your eyes out. I just got mad at myself because i had upset someone so much that i love. Someone who didnt deserve it. Someone who was beautiful and caring and probably hated me then. I felt like i lost you. So, i came in here and found the best thing i could to get rid of my pain." 

I didnt know what to feel when he got done explaining. I was about to cry. He cut himself because he thought he lost me. That meant he loved me. I didnt know what the right thing to say. i just gave him a bug hug. 

"Zayn, dont ever worry about loosing me." i whispered in his ear. 

"Abby, i just, I Love You." He whispered back to me, sending chills down my spine. i hugged him tighter. 

"I Love You too." i said into his ear. 

"Does this mean you forgive me?" he said coming out of the hug and looking me in the eyes. 

"Yes. I forgive you, just please dont ever cut youself aga-" i was cut off by him kissing me. I felt the sparks. I felt his lips moving perfectly with mine. I felt like i was in love. This was certianly, The Best Kiss Ever. 




This isnt the end!! but this is my favorite chapter! Im going  to update as much as i can, atleast two chapter a day?  I May not beable to even do that. I still have school and i will try my best to get time to finish writing!












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