I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


5. Nando's


Abby’s POV

Gosh! Why did he have to be so darn cute? I was still looking at him form when he asked again where we were going. Maybe today was my day with Zayn. Maybe today, something actually might happen! All these thoughts ran through my mind. A smile slowly grew on my face when I imagined all of this.





Abby’s POV

The car stopped at Nando’s. Right when we pulled in I opened my door but I didn’t get out because Zayn stopped me to tell me something. “Get ready to run” he said. I had the most confused look on my face. I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about. Im guessing he could read my face expression because he explained why. “Because fans and the paparatzie might get us” he chuckled a bit. Oh yeah! I forgot he was a famous one.  “Okay, im ready!” I said, smirking. “Okay!” he teased as if he knew I was ready to expect something I wasn’t expecting. We both hopped out of the car and ran to the doors as fast as we could. There were a couple of fans that tried to chase after us but it wasn’t a big deal. We got in and Zayn asked for a table for two. They lead us to our seats and we sat down and then they handed us a menu. The server kindly asked us for our drinks. “I’ll have sprite” Zayn said. “Make that two” I added and I could see Zayn smirking. Once the waitress left Zayn started looking at his menu but I didn’t. I just sat there staring at him, admiring his beautiful eyes.  At this point I just wanted our lips combine. If this happened, it would be my first kiss and if we go on, it would be my first time to be loved by someone! All these amazing things came to mind as I was admiring him. He looked up and caught me and a small smile grew on his face. “Something wrong?” he ask. I laughed a bit. “Oh. Umm, nothing’s wrong” I said and looked down at my menu. Wow he must think im stupid now! Great.  Just great. 

The waitress came back with our drinks and took our order. Once she took our order Zayn asked me something. “So lets get to know each other. We can start with you. Do you have any body back at home that you love? Like a best friend or a sister or something?” He said and got his drink and started drinking. It made him look like he was interested in knowing. I laughed at this but then got serious and answered the question. “No, not really. Im an only child and like I said, my dad doesn’t let me do that much so I have no time for friends or anything like that because im too bored all the time!” I told him and he laughed at the end. “What about you? Have any special friends?” I said smirking when I asked the second question. “Nope, just me and the boys!” he said. It felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that he wasn’t in a relationship. Why did I even care? Was it because I wanted Zayn to be my boyfriend? I  know that’s the reason but he would never fall for me and  exactly why am I thinking about this? I promised myself I would never have an intrest in male stars and go crazy over them. I just couldn’t help it with Zayn though. All of these kind of thoughts came to mind but they suddenly got interrupted. “Here’s your food” The waitress handed us our plates and I laughed a bit. “What’s so funny?” Zayn asked me, smiling. “I never knew you ate that much!” I said letting all the giggles come out.




Zayn’s POV

Oh gosh, that laugh is so cute. It just made me want to hold her close and kiss her. When would we become a thing? I don’t know but I wanted it to happen soon. “So Mr.Malik, whatcha thinking about?” I heard Abby ask. What was I going to say? I cant say I was thinking about when to kiss her. That would make me look weird so I lied to her and told her I was thinking about my family back home. She nodded.

“Do you miss them a lot?”

 “Yeah! I don’t get to hang with them a lot because im constantly with the boys.” What I said was true but it still wasn’t what I was thinking about in my head. We finished our food and left to go home.

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