I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


6. Maybe he's not the one


Abby’s POV

We got back to Zayn’s house safely. We saw Louis, Harry, and Niall sitting down watching a movie. “Wanna watch the movie with us?” Niall asked looking back at us. I looked at Zayn and gave him a ‘yea lets do it’ look. “Sure!” Zayn said, telling Niall. Harry and Louis had their own chairs while Niall was spread out lying on the couch. He sat up and moved over to give me and Zayn a place to sit. Once we sat down, I noticed we were watching a horror film. They didn’t scare me that bad but I pretended I was scared so Zayn could hold me and give me comfort. One part every one jumped and I screamed a convincing scream full of fear. “It’s scaring you a but, yeah?” Zayn whispered to me. I looked up at him and nodded my head. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I scrunched up next to him and the parts where it was suppost to be scary, I buried my head in his cheast. I can admit, it was pretty fun!

The movie ended after about 1 more hour. It was already 7:00 pm. “Im about to go up and take a shower!” Louis announced. “Yeah, im gonna change into some comfortable clothes.” Niall commented. “I need to go get on my laptop and check twitter.” Harry said. I wonder where Liam went. Oh well! It was just me and Zayn left, every one else went upstairs to do their own things. “So, I don’t know about you but im pretty hungry! can we make some sandwiches or something?” I asked Zayn. “Sure! Im pretty hungry myself.” We both got up and walked to the kitchen. He got out the bread and I got everything needed out of the fridge. He got the knives out and we started making our dinner together. “Ya know I can make a pretty mean sandwich?” Zayn informed me. I started to laugh. “Yeah? Me too!” I said looking at him. I grabbed the jar of mustard and put huge mountians of it on my bread. “Eww, how do you eat that?” he teased at me. “Like this” I said and stuck my finger in the jar and got some all over my finger and put it in my mouth and ate all the mustard off. Zayn started to laugh a bit. “That’s gross!” He said, still laughing. “Oh really?” I asked and got some on my finger and smeared it all over his cheek. “That was uncalled for!” Zayn smirked at me. “yeah?” I said, returning him a little smile. “Yeah and so is this!” he exclaimed. He picked up the bottle of mustard. “Don’t you dare!” I said laughing. Before I knew it, he squirted it all over me! It got all over me. In my hair and everything! i rubbed as much as I could off my face and saw a bag of flour behind him. I darted over to it and got a big handful of it and threw it in his face. He was trying to hold back a smile but I could tell it wasn’t working. “Im gonna get you for this!” he said playfully. “Your gonna have to catch me first!” I told him and ran off. I looked behind me to see how close he was tome and he was right behind me. I tripped over something and fell to the floor and Zayn tripped over me and fell on top of me.

“I brought you something!” he said smiling with his hands behind his back. He pulled his hand infront of my face and it was in a fist position. Before I could say anything, He flicked flour in my face from what was in his hand. I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle.

 “Thanks Zayn!” I said sarcasticly.

“Anything for you!” He said back to me, getting closer. I got butterflies in my stomach. I have never kissed a boy before, being trapped in a house had a lot of downfalls. I closed the gap between us and kissed him and instantly felt a shiver go down my back. So there we were, Me and Zayn kissing on the floor of his living room. We both pulled away and a huge smile grew on his face.

“I care about you Abby..” he told me and I smiled.


“Yeah” he said with a smile. I giggled and he pulled me up. We went to the kitchen and washed off the flour on our faces. When we were done, we heard the doorbell ring. “Abby would you mind getting that? I need to clean up the flower anyways” He asked me. “Yeah, Sure!” I went to open the door and when I did, I wasn’t pleased. A girl was standing there, ten times more prettier than me.

“Umm, who are you?” she said with her arms crossed over her chest and giving me a dirty look.

“Abby, you?”

“Megan. Is Zayn here?” She asked giving me the worst look ever. I was about to answer her when I heard a bang behind me. Zayn was so shocked to her he dropped the vacuum cleaner. She ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. “Zayn! Im so happy to see you! Why haven’t you answered any of my texts for the past couple of days?”  Zayn looked straight towards me and I had an angry look on my face I wasn’t going to hide.

“Yeah Zayn, why haven’t you?” I said with tears staring to fall down from my eyes. I stormed out of his house and was making my way home, balling my eyes out. It didn’t take long for me to hear someone running behind me. I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder and turn me around. Sure enough, it was Zayn. 

“Abby, please let me explain!” Zayn said with a sorry look on his face.

“Explain what? Why you told me you cared about me when obviously there was another girl in your life?” I asked him, making even more tears stream down my face.

“Abby, I had a thing for her-“

“Good explanation!” I said, jerking my shoulder out from his hand and walking off, crying even harder. He stopped me again.

“You didn’t let me finish!” He said, staring into my eyes with concern. “I had a thing for her before I met YOU. Why do you think she asked why I haven’t been answering her texts? Because, I stopped talking to her after I met YOU.” He told me, looking me straight into my eyes the whole time.

“How do I know your not just saying that to make me feel better?” I said, looking him back into his eyes.

He looked at me like he was full of sarrow. His eyes started watering and he said “because, once I accidently knocked you down and hurt you, i saw you look up and I knew I needed to help because I couldn’t just leave you. You were so beautiful and once I got to know you, your personality stuck out to me and all I wanted was you in my life. I can admit I was scared I was going to loose you after that day.  You know I would never hurt you like that Abby. I meant it when I said I cared about you.” He said. He wasn’t afraid to let the tears come down his face while he said this either.

I just stared at him the longest time with tears streaming down my face. This time, I think they were tears of joy. “Im sorry… I over reacted. Its just that no guy has ever said that they cared about me and it felt so amazing. But when I saw a girl coming for you, way more prettier than me, I thought I was all to good to be true.” I told him.

The tears had settled down a bit and he got closer to me and whispered “It was true. All of it.”

He leaned down and gave me a soft, sweet kiss. It lasted a couple of seconds and he let go. He rested his forehead on mine and whispered softly “Any guy would be lucky to have you.” He gave me a hug and held me close and I hugged back. I felt safe wrapped in his arms. I felt like nothing else in the world mattered right now. This all felt like it was happening to soon but I didn’t care anymore. We then walked back to his house, still cuddled right beside each other.


Zayn’s POV

This was one of the the worst things that has happened to me. I almost lost the girl I love because of my stupid ex. I knew Abby must have felt torn when all this happened. I felt so sorry for her and I wanted to make things right. At first she didnt believe me when I tried to explain myself. My heart literally broke. But then she started crying when explained myself again. She accepted my apology and I kissed her. Her second kiss of her life was with me! I hope she gets all of her other kisses from me for the rest of her life. We walked back home and we got back to my house. When we walked in, Harry was with the vacuum cleaning up our mess.

“What happened in here?” he asked us as soon as we walked in. Abby and I just smiled at eachother and she started to laugh. “Im serious because there is flour everywhere!” harry smirked while he said that.

“We just made some sandwiches, that’s all!” Abby said laughing at herself. I laughed with her.

“You don’t need flour when you make sandwiches and what’s all over Abby’s shirt Zayn?”Harry said laughing at us. She noticed that she still had mustard on it. She started blushing.

“oh that, its just a bit of mustard. It’s a new fashion! You haven’t heard?” I told Harry, laughing with Abby.

“Well whatever happened in here, don’t do it again and make me clean it up cause there was mustard and flour everywhere!” he said smiling at us. He knew we must have goofed off.  I think today we had some fun and it was just what I have been wanting! I got some time alone with Abby, we had fun, I kissed her twice, and cuddled with her! Today was just one of those days I will never forget!

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