I know we only met but lets pretend its love

As a young, 19 year old girl named Abby was walking out of her favorite store, she bumps into Zayn. She really thinks she likes him but something bad happened right when they met. Is this proof that they don't need to be together or is this just reality messing with her head? Will Zayn and Abby fall in love? What happened when something comes in between the two? Find these answers and more by reading the story!


4. Louis finds out


Zayn’s POV

“Come on Louis Lets go! We don’t want to be late!” I yelled at Louis while he was in the guest room upstairs. “Okay I’m coming! Where do we have to go that’s so important anyway?” oh yeah, I forgot I didn’t tell him. “We are going to eat lunch with Abby” I told him. I saw him walking downstairs with a confused look on his face. “Why would you want me to go with you? You like her. You probably want to be alone right?” Louis asked me. Every time one of us got in a relationship, Louis was always the first to know or the one to get the relationship started because he forced us to tell him the truth and of course, he was doing it to me this time! “What?.... I don’t like her..” I said awkwardly. “Ah, come on! You know you like her and you want her to yourself!” Louis said grinning. “Im fine with not tagging along with yall!” he finished. “You sure?” I asked him, trying not to tell him that I do like Abby.  “Well, if you don’t like her then I would love to go” Louis still had the same grin on his face. I didn’t want to be mean and tell him I didn’t want him to go so I had to say it. “Fine I like her, can I go now?” I asked him. ”Sure!  Go have fun with her!” Louis said. I smirked a bit and left. I made my way to Abby’s. I pulled up in the driveway and honked the horn and saw Abby running out. She opened the door to get in  in the back seat and she noticed Louis wasn’t there. “Hey where’s Louis?” she asked me. “Oh he was tired and didn’t want to come” I just lied to her, I didn’t want to tell her the actual reason. Not yet. She started to laugh when she heard why Louis didn’t make it. “So where are we eating cause I’m hungry!?” she asked me.  “Um,I don’t know. What do you feel like eating?” I asked her, looking over at her. We haven’t left her driveway yet and she was still in the back seat. “NANDO’S!” she protested. I smiled cause she kind of yelled it out. “Okay. You want to sit in the front seat before we get going?” I asked hoping for a yes. “Sure!” she said with a smile and un-did her seat belt and climbed over the front seat and sat down. She looked at me and then I looked back at her. I saw how beautiful her eyes were and just stared in them. Half the time she wasn’t even looking at me, instead she was digging through my car looking for something. “Hey, do you remember where I put my medicine last night? I know I didn’t bring it home with me.” She asked me. Gosh, where did she put it? I couldn’t remember. Then it hit me. She put it in the back seat! So I told her. “Oh! Thanks!” she said, reaching back towards the back to pick up the bag. She picked it up and read it out loud. “One serving per day. Take with water.” She took the medicine out of the bag and poured some in the plastic cup that came with it. She drank it down and she stole one of my old half-drank water bottles sitting in the cup holder and drank it down with it. “Sorry, I had to use it” She was clearly talking about the water. “Nah, its fine” I said to her. “So where are we going again?” I had to ask. I truly forgot because she herself got me off track. “Nando’s to eat lunch!” she said looking at me smiling. “Alright then lets go!” I started the car and we drove away.

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