The Christmas Spirit (1D not famous)

My inspiration were the movies Valentines Day and New Years Eve. I wanted to put that kind of story line into my story so enjoy :)
- What happens when 5 boys and 5 girls a tied into some kind of love 'pentagon'. Find out who ends up under the mistletoe with who this christmas.


1. Intro

AN: I dont typically do intos but with the number of characters in this book I think it's needed

*Mia's POV*

I finished brushing my long, straight, blonde hair. I put it up into a ponytail then put on my yellow sundress and creme white sweater paired with my brown ankle boots. I heard a knock on the door and yelled

"Come in!" I already knew who it was. My best friend Peyton who lives next door. We have been best friends since preschool and we were practically inseperable.

*Peyton's POV*

I entered Mia's room. I took a look at her. She alsways looked perfect. She makes even a simple pony tail look good. Her hazel eyes that sometimes looked golden in the sum made me jealous. I had wavy dark brown hair and plain dark brown eyes. Peyton's complection was perfect and my face was crowded with freckles. Life isn't fair.

"Ready for the first day of college?" I asked her. We were starting school at Juliard. Quite an accomplishment. We lived only a few towns over from it so we were still able to stay at home. I was a clarinet prodigy so thats what I was going to do there, but Peyton was going for her acting. SHe was amazing at it. She turned around and gave me a good look.

"You are not going in that are you?" she said. We often critisized each other. Thats what BFFs are for. I was wearing my comfy american eagle shirt, jeans, and uggs. I didn't like to get dressed up.

"Mia, you know I don;t like to get dressed up." I say giving her a 'take pity in me' look. Apparently she didn't take any pity in me because she quickly replied

"Peyton! It is the first day of college! You need to dress up a little! Now sit and I will get something for you!" I sat down on the bed and waited as she riffled through her closet. She came back and handed me a flowy grey short sleeve top, mint colored jeans, moccosins, and a peach colored scarf. I put it on and she put my hair in a side braid. I was glad she didn't make me wear a skirt or a dress because being comfortable is important to me. We were finished getting ready so she grabbed her keys and we piled into her silver toyota. We sang along to 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rea Jepsen all the way there.

*Gabriella's POV*

We had moved into an apartment about a block and a half from our new school, Julliard. Yeah, I know right! I couldn't believe it either. I knew I was a good dancer but not that good. Even more unbelievable is that my little sister, Cramen, was going there too. She had some how managed to ruin my life yet again by skipping two whole grades. Not only is she some kind of super genius, she is also an 'angel on the chello' according to everyone. I wasn't happy at all when I found out that my little sister would be living with me and going to the same school as me. I have an impression to make and I can't aafford to be seen with a socially awkward 16 year old! She was pretty good lokin I admit, but thats only because she looks almost exactly like me. The only differnce is that her dirty blonde hair is straight and mine is really curly and her grenn eyes are closer together than mine are. So looks weren't her issue, her shyness was. She was never really in the same age group long enough to make friends and develope people skills. I look at her sitting next to me. She is wearing a white button-down, shirt, a light tye, a navy blue sweater, a pleated skirt, and gold flats. Her hair was parted to the side and pulled back with a gold headband. The preppy-style look suited her well.

"Do you know your first class?" I asked her making small talk

*Carmen's POV*

I shook my head no.

"I don't remember. I'll cheak my schedual again later." I say.

"I have ballet." says Gabriella. I was secretly very envious of her. She made friends sp easily and I alsway had trouble. I knew she was mad at me for coming to the same school as her but it wasn't my fault. Chello  is something I love to do and I was going to stick with it. Gabriella was wearing torn jeans, a flowy white lace shirt, a key necklace, and tall brown boots. I always admired her sence of style. Her hair was in a headband braid per usual. Almost every hairstyle she ever wears has some kind of braid involved. I am not saying there is something wrong with that though, it suits her curly hair.

"Lets go or we are going to be late." I say. She zips up her boot and we walk out the door.

*Charlotte's POV*

I woke up and looked at the clock. 7:30! I had to be at school by 8! I was going to be late! I quickly brushed my shoulder legth, strawberry blonde, wavy hair, and put it into a side braid. I threw on patterned leggings, white hollister sweater, and brown ankle boots. I looked into the mirror. Not quite. I thought. I added a headband with a brightblue feather on in. Better, I thought. The blue feather helped define my bright blue eyes. I lived on campus so I didn't have much of a walk. I gave my mom a quick kiss good-bye and left. I know what you're thinking, 'Why is her mother living in her dorm with her?'. Well, to tell the truth, it's not a dorm. It's a staff apartment. My mother worked as a cook here and I was able to attend here at a discounted rate because of it. My father was always overseas for work so it was just us. When somebody hugged me from behind, I was snapped out of my thoughts.

"Hello beautiful." said a voice. It was Justin. My boyfriend. I turned around and gave him a kiss.

"Hey." I said. I took a good look at him. His scruffy drown hair with suddle blonde highlights made me melt, his strong arms made my knees shake, but it was his beautiful deep blue eyes that killed me. He was amazing.. He was a dance and a hockey player. Odd combo I know. He was coming here for dance and playing on the local hockey team. We walked toward my first calss hand in hand.

*Niall's POV*

The lads and I walked out of our dorm. There were five of us. I shared a room with Liam an Louis, Harry, and Zayn shared another room. We were singers. In a band actually. We were super pumped to be here. We all met at a music camp, became best friends, and formed a band. We called ourselves One Direction. Getting into Julliard was a huge accomplishment.



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