The Christmas Spirit (1D not famous)

My inspiration were the movies Valentines Day and New Years Eve. I wanted to put that kind of story line into my story so enjoy :)
- What happens when 5 boys and 5 girls a tied into some kind of love 'pentagon'. Find out who ends up under the mistletoe with who this christmas.


6. Chapter 4

*Carmen's POV*

Today was finally the day for the party! Gabriella convinced me to let her dress me up a bit so I had been sitting in the bathroom for the past hour waiting for her to finish my hair and make-up. I almost never wore make-up so I was nervous when she said she was don't to look at myself in the mirror. Gabby walked out of the room to set up for the party with a huge grin on her face, odviously happy with her work. She was wearing a baby pink dress with a brown belt going around the waist and gold flats, her hair was in a messy bun and her hair hanging down was curled, she looked amazing. I nervously got up from the chair and walked over to the full-length mirror in the room. I took a good long look at myself. Gabby had me dressed in a forest-green-flowy shirt, a silver heart necklace, navy blue tights, a white skirt, brown books, and forest green leggings that were showing about an inch after where by boots ending and she had left my makeup bretty natural (thank god) and put my hair in two french braids with a silver headband. I actually liked the look she had put together for me a lot because it wasn't too dressy. The doorbell rang and brought me out of my thoughts.

"Can you get that?" Gabby shouted from the kitchen

"Yup." I called back and walked downstairs and answered the door. Of course it had to be Liam standing behind it. "Hi." I said weakly

"Sorry for coming early." he said looking me up and down. I quickly became a little self-concious about what I was wearing and tugged at my clothes. I looked down at the ground and just nodded my head. "You look beautiful." he continued and I didn't know what to say so I just continued to nod my head. There was a long awkward silence so Liam spoke up again "Can I come in?" he asked with a chuckle

"Um...yeah sorry." I said quietly but I was really screaming at myself in my head. Why was I always so stupid?

*Liam's POV*

She lead me down the hall and into the kitchen. I coundn't help but stare at her, she was amazing.

"Do you need any help setting up?" I asked

"Yup!" Gabriella said shoving some bags of chips into my hands as she walked by.

"Nice to see you too, Gabby"  I said sarcastically with a laugh.

As we worked I started to make small talk with Carmen. She was really shy at first but after 45 minutes or so I think she began to trust me more and opened up. We were both laughing really hard and her laugh was so cute.

"You really have a fear of spoons?" she asked me raising an eyebrow. I nodded and she began laughing again. We continued to joke around and I looked up from our conversation and realized that at some point people had arrived and we didn't even notice because we were in our own little world. This was going to be a fun party, and it was just getting started...

*Charlotte's POV*

"Charlie!" my mom called from downstairs. I smiled at the name because my dad had nicknamed me that when I was around 3. It brought back so many nice memories. I missed him so much. "Justin is here!" I pepped up a bit at his name. I have barely even got to see him lately becasue we have both been so busy. I cheaked myself one last time in the mirror. My hair was in a bun with a gold headband and the hair that hung down on the sides was curled. I was dressed in a one shouldered white dress and had a sheep peich of fabric that covered one of my arms paired with gold high heels. "Perfect." I thought "I just hope I am not too dressed up." I made my way down stairs to find Justin waiting at the bottom for me. He just stood there staring at me.

"Well?" I said "Say something." I laughed a bit

"I-I......can't." He said stubeling and putting his hands on my waist and pulling me close. He didn't look to bad either. Her was dressed in a fitted white shirt with beige pants and a brown belt.

"You look good too." I said giving him a passionate kiss

"You look more than good." He said when I pulled away "You look beautiful." I blushed and we walked towards the door hand in hand.

"Bye mom!" I called

*Peyton's POV*

There was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in!" I said and Mia poked her head

"Ready to get all dressed up?" she asked

"Yeah" I said with a shrug. I was still a little mad at her for the whole Louis thing. She didn't have to rub it in my face.

"Okay! Stop that right now!" she kind of barked at me

"Stop what?" I barked right back at her

"Being mad at me." she whined almost in tears "I don't know what I did wrong and I don't want our friendship to be ruined because of it." she seemed sincere so I stood up to give her a hug

"Me either." I whispered

"Will you tell me what I did wrong?" she asked but I shook my head

"It wasn't a big deal and I don't want to talk about it." I said "But lets get ready okay?" her faced brightened up and she ran straight for my closet.

*Mia's POV*

We were both done! I do believe I did a pretty good job too! I looked at Peyton. She was wearing a navy blue dress that was short in the front and long in the back. The style stuited her perfectly and the navy blue fit her pale skin type amazingly. I had put her hair up in a ponytail and curled it and put a silver necklace around her neck to match her silver high heels. Then, I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a darker skin tone so I wore a pale white sports bra type top (but much fancier of corse) and a matching pale white skirt with sparkles on the waist line. A bit of tummy was showing but I thought it still looked age appropriot. The outfit was very similar to the one Selena Gomez wore on the red carpet last week and I was pleased that I had something that she was wearing! I had on black high heels and my hair was side parted and curled.

"We look great." Peyton gushed "You did a great job." she gave me a hug and we made our way into the car. "They party started 30 minutes ago." she said with a laugh

"It's okay" I said as we pulled up "We are fashionably late." Peyton laughed and we walked up to the apartment.

*Harry's POV*

Everyone was gushing over Charlotte's dress and how great she looked, and then Peyton and Mia walked in. Everyone's attention immediatly turned to them. They both looked great but I kind of had a thing for Mia, so she looked even hotter to me. I became a little jealous when all the boys at the party started to flirt with her and she was sort of flirting back.

"Hey." Peyton said from behind me

"Oh hey." I said not even looking at her.

"You like her don't you?" she said suddenly

"Who? Mia?!? Of corse I don't! Are you crazy?" I said turning around to face her. She raised one eyebrow as if to say '"Really?"  and I caved "Is it that odvious?"

"No. I hvae just seen that look before." she said with a sigh "Every single guy instantly falls in love with her and I am always in her shadow." she slups down on a couch and I sit next to her wrapping my arms around her and rubbing her back.

"It's okay." I said "You will find the right guy

"I like you Harry. I think you are a nice guy" she said suddenly "Which is why, I am going to help you get Mia."

"Really?" I asked hopefuly

"Of corse!" she said and I gave her a tight hug

"Thanks." I said and then something crossed my mind. Well not something, someone. "But what about Louis?" I asked

"What about him?" she asked perking up a bit. Wait? What? Perking up? Why was she perking up?

"You like Lou don't you?!?" I said with a big goofy grin spreading across my face. She blushed and then I knew she definatley did. "You do!"

"Shhhh!" she said "Somebody is going to hear you! And anyway I think Lou and Mia may have a thing going on." my smile faded.

"I noticed that too but I was hoping they were just friends. But I'll tell you what. If you help me get Mia, then Lou will be on the market and I will help you get him. Deal?"

"Deal." she said with a smile "And I have an idea too!" she hopped up before I could say another word but I knew what ever her idea was, it was going to be good!

*Mia's POV*

I looked over to see Peyton and Harry sitting on the couch. He had his arm around her and then when she hugged him my heart sank. They talked for a bit and they Peyton made her way over to me.

"What was that all about?" I asked her curiously and she looked confused so I pointed to Harry

"Oh you mean Harry? Just some friendly concorsation." she said and then surprised me by standing up on a chair. "Everyone! We are going to play Seven Minutes of Heaven if anyone wants to join." Everyone at the party chatted excitedly and I have to say, I was pretty excited too. I took my place in the circle next to Peyton. This was going to be fun.

*Liam's POV*

"Do you want to play?" I asked Carmen

"No. I have never really played before and I don't really trust that many people here and I wouldn't want to end up in a closet for seven minutes with any of those people." she said directing towards the circle of people

"Do you trust me?" I asked suddenly. Oops. I probably shouldn't have said thatbecasue now she isnt going to open up to me again because I weirded her out again. She bowed her head. "Oh god! I mad her insecure again! Nice job Liam!" I though to myself. But to my surprise when she looked up again she had a big grin on her face.

"Liam." she said "If I didn't trust you I probably wouldn't have even talked to you all night." this made me smile.

*Louis's POV*

I was thrilled to be playing Seven Minutes of Heaven it sounded like fun. I sat next to Harry and across from Peyton. She looked amazing tonight and I can't believe nobody even paid attention to her, i mean Mia looked pretty too but Peyton was just.....WOW! I was going to tell her but then I saw her talking to Harry and chickened out. Harry is a lucky man.

"Anyone else playing?" I called out but nobody spoke. "Charlotte?" I said looking at her but she shook her head no.

"Sorry. I have a boyfriend remember?" she said so I turned to Niall who was standing  next to her.

"Niall?" I asked

"Nah. I am good man." He said shaking his head

"Suit yourself. Gabriella? " I said turning my head to her

"I-I......can't" she said stuttering and then running upstairs

"Lou. I think there are enough people playing." Mia said "Actually we have more than enough." she said with a laugh. She was probably right, there were about 25 people seated in a circle in the living room. This was a good plan on Peyton's part because thos was going to be fun.

*Justin's POV*

"Charlotte." I said "I am going to cheak on Gabriella. She seems upset." Charlotte nodded and I made my way upstairs. "Time to put my plan into action." I thought to myself.

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