The Christmas Spirit (1D not famous)

My inspiration were the movies Valentines Day and New Years Eve. I wanted to put that kind of story line into my story so enjoy :)
- What happens when 5 boys and 5 girls a tied into some kind of love 'pentagon'. Find out who ends up under the mistletoe with who this christmas.


4. Chapter 3

*Niall's POV*

I was in Laim and I's dorm. Liam had gone off to bed and I was on the couch watching the telly. I couldn't focus on it though, all I could think about was Charlotte. She was so cute and the type of girl I could have a laugh with. Not to mention the fact that she could pack food away and wasn't afraid to do it in front of us boys. Only one problem with her though. She had a boyfriend.  In my opinion, not a very good one. He didn't pay much attention to her. It looked almost as if his mind was almost somewhere else. Now that I think of it I don't think I ever heard him tell her that he loves her. Maybe he doesn't. Wouldn't that be lucky for me.

*Charlotte's POV*

Justin and I have been drifting apart lately. We hardly ever talked anymore. My mom says that happens a lot in relationships and it's probably because we are just getting used to our new friends. I hope she is right because I am getting the feeling he likes somebody else.


Charlotte and I were quickly becoming best friends. She was an amazing girl. I hope Justin knows that too. He better not break her heart or her will have me to answer too. I noticed that he flirts with a lot of other girls and even me. Maybe it's just his personality but he better stop doing that before he gives a girl the wrong message or does something he will regret. I planned on talking to him about that at the party. I just hope we will be able to find some place quiet to talk because from what it sounds like the whole school is coming to the party. Well I hope Carmen likes her first party.

*Carmen's POV*

I was excited for my first real party but at the same time nervous. I had heard a lot about what happens at these parties. You know what I am talking about drinking, drugs, sex, etc. Its a good thing I am so awkward around boys so no boy in their right mind would ever want me in bed with them. The only biy I have ever had an actually conversation with was Liam and that was only because we are good friends and even then I only saud two words. What was wrong with me? Why can't I be normal? I laughed quietly at myself. I was pittiful.

*Liam's POV*

Carmen and I were becoming good friends. She is so beautiful and very very smart. I keep trying to get her to open up to me but she is very shy. I was close to having her opening up to me when I think she caught me staring at her and that set me back because I think I freaked her out. Just be patient and she will open up when she is ready, I thought.

*Peyton's POV*

I was over Mia's house watching The X-Factor.

"Peyton?' Mia asked

"Yeah?" I replied

"What do you think of Louis? He is pretty funny don't you think? And don't even get me started about that super fit body!" she said turning to look at me. I don't know what happend but something inside me snapped. Did she have to rub it in my face about how amazing her little boyfriend was?

"Why do you care what I think?!" I yelled as I walked out the door.

*Mia's POV*

I stood there shocked by Peyton's reaction. What just happend? Did I do something wrong? I thought she liked Louis, they seemed like good friends. I am so confused.\

*Louis's POV*

"Sooo. Harry." I said in a funny voice sitting next to him on the couch.

"What do you want?" Harry asked his eyes glued to the telly. The X-Factor was on.

"What do you think about Mia?" I asked

"She's great." he replied still not looking up

"Great?" I said "She is more than great. She is amazing!" he looked up

"Okay I get it you think she is amazing! Good for you!" he yells at me then storms into his bedroom. What was that about?

*Harry's POV*]

I don't know what just happend back there. I really liked Mia and apparent Louis had figured it out and was rubbing it in my face that she liked him. How could he do that to me? That little bag of scum!



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