The Christmas Spirit (1D not famous)

My inspiration were the movies Valentines Day and New Years Eve. I wanted to put that kind of story line into my story so enjoy :)
- What happens when 5 boys and 5 girls a tied into some kind of love 'pentagon'. Find out who ends up under the mistletoe with who this christmas.


2. Chapter 1

*Peyton's POV*

Mia and I arrived at Julliard, said, our goobyes, and went our seperate ways to class.

"I will look for you at lunch!" Mia called to me and I nodded as I walked into the music departmet. I entered the classroom and sat next to a girl with a cello.

"Hi." I said to her. She quickly adverted her eyes and tried not to make eye contact with me. Did my breath smell or something?

"My name is Peyton." I continued "I play the clarinet." I smile at her

"My name is cello and I play the Carmen." she pauses "I mean my name is Carmen and I play the cello." I laugh but she just blushes and stares at the ground.

"It's fine." I say "I knew what you ment."

"I am just not much of a social person, thats all" she says

"Thats okay. I don't mind a little social awjwardness." with that she gives me a smile and class begins.

*Mia's POV*

I walked into drama class and sat next to a girl named Maggie. She was nice, just not friend material. Class began and the teacher paired us up to do acting excersizes.

"These will be your partners for the rest of the year." he says. He pairs me up with aboy named Louis.

"Hi there." he says

"Hello" I respond and we begin our excersizes. We chat for a while and just after a few minute I notice that he is exactly like Peyton. I think they would get along really well so I say

"You should sit with my best friend Peyton and I at lunch. I think you'll like her." he hesitates and then says

"Okay, but on one condition."

"What's that?" I ask

"I can bring my four best mates along." he responds "They will be mad if I don't dring them along."

"Sure." I say "The more the merrier." Wow that was corny, I say to myself.

*Louis's POV*

Dang this girl is fit! When she invited me to lunch my heart skipped a beat. I wanted more than anything to scream out yes but I knew the lads would be mad at me if I didn't sit with tem. I was scared she would say no to bringing them along. When she said yes I wanted to jump up and scream. I really liked this girl.

*Gabriella's POV*

I changed into my dance clothes and entered the dance room. The teacher paired us up and I got paired up with a boy named Justin. The whole time we danced I got lost in his eyes and lost my balance but his strong arms kept me up. I could tell he was flirting with me from time to time so I flirted right back.

"Why don't you sit with me at lunch, it could be fun." he said making me swoon but I soon remembered Carmen. Grr! Carmen had once again managed to ruin my life and she was not even here.

"I can't." I say. He looks disappointed.

"But-" I continue "because I have to sit with my sit with my sister."

"A twin?" he asked looking surprised

"No a super genious little sister who skipped two grades and is now in the same grade as me." I say

"Wow." he said "She can sit with us too. I would love to meet her." I paused

"I don't think that's such a good idea." I say

"Why not?" he says confused

"She is a little socially awkward." I say

"That don't matter." he says giving me a look "I can change that." The bell rings and he walks away without another word.

*Carmen's POV*

Class ends and I  find my way into the lunchroom with Peyton. She sits next to her friend Mia, who looks stunning, and the guy Mia brought along, Louis. We chat for a while. Then I see Gabriella enter the lunchroom. She sits with us too.

"Everyone," I say "This is my sister Gabriella." They say their hellos

"You can call me Gabby." she says then whispers to me "You made friends quick." I know that, and I feel really proud of myself for it. Just then a boy and a girl walk past our table.

"Justin!" Gabriella shouts toward him "Over here." the boy and girl make their way over to the table and sit down. Our table is growing by the minute.

"Hey Gabby." the boy named Justin said "This is my girlfriend Charlotte." he adds refurring to the girl next to him. I see a disappointed look on Gabby's face but see nods and shakes chorlotte's hand.

*Gabriella's POV*

Dang it! He has a girlfriend. I should have known somebody as fit as that wouldn't be singe. Oh well. We can still be friend right? Plus Charlotte seems really nice too. I could really see myself being friends with her.

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