Nothing like us

Why did he have to get sick? Why? Him of all people. Why?


4. Make it stop! Please! Make it stop!

Louis' P.O.V.

Fear came down on me like a ton of bricks. Crushing me beneath it's weight. Knocking all the air out of my lungs. I shot up instantly and was back in Harry's room. Harry screamed again. Clutching his stomach as he arched on the bed. "Harry!" He started tossing and turning while he continued to scream in agony. I could do nothing but stand and watch my best friend Writhing before me. His body twisting and distorting. 'MAKE IT STOP PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO BAD!" Harry screamed. Doctors flooded into the room to try to stop whatever discomfort was plaguing the young boy. Harry continued to scream and cry. 'Please young man you have to stay still! Please try and calm down!" A doctor pleaded urgently. "PLEASE!"Harry cried tears streaming down is pale cheeks. 'MAKE IT STOP!" "We can't unless you stay still!" Harry began to cry harder. A doctor turned to face me a pained expression plastered on her face. "Please."  She begged. "Can you please  try to calm him down?" I nodded once and made my way over to beside Harry.

"Harry." I said quietly. "Louis?" "Yes I'm here. Please don't move. It'll only make it worse." 'It hurts." Harry whispered quietly. A tear slid down his cheek. I gently prized his hand away from his stomach and took it in mine. I looked down at Harry as he stared back up at me. Our eyes danced with the conversations that had been left unsaid. Harry suddenly winced and wimpered in pain. He squeezed my hand. "Hey hey it's ok." I said soothingly.

“What hurts?“ I asked Harry. Now when Harry tells you something hurts it means it bad. Anyone else would probably be crying.If Harry is screaming and crying in pain which his now well any normal person would have probably passed out from the pain. "My stomach." He said quietly." Before I could respond a doctor was quickly shouting orders at her team. "Ok Patient has severe abdominal pain. We need to take him for X-rays to see if he has any internal bleeding." I gulped. Internal bleeding? Can't that kill people just on it's own? Oh gosh.  Harry wimpered softly again. I squeezed his hand gently. I looked up and met Liam's pain filled eyes. A mirror of my expression. Suddenly my phone started to vibrate a singnal that someone was trying to ring me. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and gently slipped my hand out of Harry's. Harry looked up at me with fear filled eyes. "It's ok. I'ts just my phone." Harry nodded. I swiped across my screen to answer my phone. I held it to my ear. "hello?" I asked into my phone. "Hello Louis this is Simon. I have a very serious matter to discuss with you regarding Harry's  death. Meet me in ten with the rest of the boys." I swear if it was possible I just died two times over. Harry's not dead. Is he? No. No way. If only I heard the long droning beep from the heart rate monitor behind me.

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