Nothing like us

Why did he have to get sick? Why? Him of all people. Why?


13. Help Me!

Hey guys! Yeah sorry to disappoint this is just an Author's Note. I writing a sequal for this story where Louis dies and meets Harry up in Heaven BUT I need angels! Four good angels, four bad and one good gone bad. If you wish to be an angel just give me your name, hair and eye colour and wether or not you want to be good, bad or good gone bad. I'll give you till the... 29th of July or until the positions are filled! So yeah if you wanna be in my new story leave a comment and I'll love you forever! Thank you all so much for your support, love, favourites,likes and reads! It means the world to me! Anywho I have to go and I'll talk to you later! Bye Byeeeee! Love you! Xx. MCS

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