Nothing like us

Why did he have to get sick? Why? Him of all people. Why?


2. Ebola

Liam‘s P.O.V.


“Loui-.“ I began to say but Louis had already shot off of the lounge and was kneeling down beside Harry. Zayn was immediately on the phone to the ambulance. Louis gasped. “Louis what‘s wrong?“ I asked sharply. “I-it sounds like H-Harry‘s choking on his own breathing.“ Louis replied. You could hear the sadness in his voice. “Don‘t die.“ Louis whispered to Harry. “Please I need you. Please don‘t die.“ Just then someone knocked furiously on the door. Zayn ran to answer it before they broke the door down. He opened it and the paramedics rushed in instantly laying eyes on Harry. They rushed to Harry‘s side. pushing Louis back. “No!“ Louis shouted. “I‘m sorry but we need to examine him without interference.“ A pain expression flickered across Louis‘ face. A few seconds later, wow these doctors are good at their jobs one of the paramedics spoke. “He‘s exhibiting signs of Ebola.“ “Is that bad Louis asked. The doctor was silent for a minute. It‘s bad. I could tell. “We won‘t know until we get him to the hospital.“ Louis nodded once. The paramedics picked Harry up and carried him to the ambulance. I ran outside after Louis. Louis was already in the car. Niall and Zayn were behind me. “It‘s bad.“ I heard a doctor say. “It shouldn‘t have progressed this far.“ Shit. I jumped in the car as the ambulance sped off down the road. Louis followed the ambulance.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital Harry had already been rushed to the emergency room. Louis was in a sort of scared panic. You could see it in his eye. Two hours later a doctor finally came out to speak to us. Louis stood up immediately. “Hello.“ Said the doctor. “I‘m doctor Cassandra Reynolds. Are you all here for mister Harry Styles?“ She asked. “Yes.“ I answered. “How is he?“ Louis asked. Doctor Reynolds sighed sadly. “He‘s exhibiting signs of Ebola Virus Disease or EVD.“ “How long has he been sick for?“ She asked. “About five months.“ Louis replied sadly. “Five months?“ She asked surprised. “Yes.“ “You should have taken him to a doctor as soon as he started to get sick.“ I-I thought it was just a simple cold and Harry never tells anyone that he‘s not feeling well.“ Louis said guiltily.“It‘s not your fault.“ I said reassuringly. “It is! I‘m his best friend I should noticed that he was sick and getting worse before it was to late!“ Louis exclaimed. He was blinking back tears. “Would you like to see him?“ Doctor Reynolds asked. Louis‘ head snapped up. “Can we?“ He asked a glimmer of hope in his voice. “Yes you but he‘s asleep.“ Louis nodded. We followed the doctor down the hall to a room marked Room 101.

Louis‘ P.O.V.


The doctor gently pushed the door open and stepped inside i quickly followed. My breathing hitched in my throat. There lying before me was my best friend. He was ghostly pale. He had dark circles round his eyes. He looked so small and fragile. With tubes going into his arms. His curls hung dead by his cheeks. “Harry.“ I whispered softly. He groaned slighty in his sleep. I stood beside his bed and gently took his hand in mine. I question I dared not to ask hanging loosely from my lips. I finally summoned enough courage to ask the question after a long silence. “I-is it lethal?“ Doctor Reynolds knew exactly what I meant. I looked up at her. She paused as if deliberating the right way to phrase her answer. It‘s bad. I could tell. Finally she spoke. “I‘m so sorry to tell you this but it is next to impossible to survive EVD. Especially in it‘s later stages and a case as bad as this. He has a 25% of survival.“ She gustured towards Harry. All life drained out of me. My heart skipping a beat. Tears filled my eyes. I‘m going to lose Harry. My beautiful loving smiling bouncy sarcastic bubbly Harry. A tear slid down my cheek and fell onto Harry‘s wrist. I can‘t lose him. I can‘t.

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