Nothing like us

Why did he have to get sick? Why? Him of all people. Why?


1. Discovering something new

Liam's P.O.V.


I looked over at Louis on the other lounge across from me. Louis was cradling a very sick Harry. Harry had been sick for months now. What started off as a simple cold turned into something far worse. Louis was staring down at his younger band mate in his arms. Harry was asleep and had been for the past four hours curled up in Louis' arms. Harry never admits that he is hurt or sick. If he does then it means it's bad. Very bad. Harry moaned in his sleep causing Louis to hold him tighter. "My poor little baby bear." Louis said sadly. "I'm worried Li Li. Harry hasn't gotten any better just worse and it has been nearly five months now that he has been like this." It almost sounded like Louis was blaming himself for Harry's illness. "Don't blame yourself mate." I said comfortingly. "We need to get Harry to a doctor." "I know but he is just too stubborn."

A silence filled the air. Harry's breathing hitched and Louis tensed up. Can you blame the poor guy? "Liam I'm scared. What will happen to Harry? I don't want to lose him." A single tear ran down Louis' cheek and fell onto Harry's T shirt. I could tell that there's plenty more where that came from but Louis is trying to stay strong for Harry's sake. " I know you are mate but don't worry Harry is a strong little lad. He will get through this." Suddenly Harry moaned again shifting slightly. A pained expression fluttering onto Harry's face. Harry yawned before his eyes slowly fluttered open. "Boo?" Harry croaked hoarsely. "Shh. It's ok. I'm here. I'm here." Louis said gently brushing a few curls out of Harry's face. "Boo are you crying?" Harry asked slightly sitting up. "No. I'm fine." Harry gently wiped Louis' tears away. Louis smiled down at Harry. Harry smiled up at Lou.


Just then the door opened and Niall and Zayn came in with food for lunch. "We brought food!" Niall announced coming over with Zayn and plonking himself down on the louge beside me. Harry crinkled his nose up at the smell. "Come on Haz you have to eat something." Louis whined."I'm not hungry." Harry replied. "I have to go to the toilet." He announced. "Ok." Louis said. Harry got up off Louis' lap and stood up on shaking legs. "Are you ok?" Louis asked. "Yeah I'm fine." Harry replied. He started to walk towards the stairs. Suddenly Harry grabbed onto the wooden table. "Uhhh." He moaned slightly. "Louis." Harry whispered before collasping.

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