Last First Kiss

Harry and Amber have been together for two years now. They really want to be together forever, but will something or someone stop that from happening? You can only find out in "Last First Kiss."


2. The Note

Harry raced in front of me to open the silver car door. What a gentleman! He signaled for me to get into the car as he smiled. 

"Are you in?" he asks.

i checked to make sure my wristlet wasn't dangling in the doorway.

"Yep!" I answered.

He closed the door softly so it made a small slam. As he was walking away he tripped on a large pebble. His curls bounced in the air as he fell to the ground.

I slightly opened the door.

"Baby, are you ok?" I asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he said in an "ah, i got hurt" kinda voice.

He gritted his teeth while trying to get up. I opened my door to help him get up.

"Baby." I said as I rushed to his side.

"I'm alright, don't worry." He said as I gripped his hand with one hand and rubbed his back with my other hand. 

"Baby, I have to worry about you, you're my other half." I said in an empathetic voice.

"Baby, you're so sweet ." he said as I offered to help him up. 

He grabbed my hand softly and he got up. He wiped the gravel off of his pants.

"Now my pants are stained from the asphalt." he said with a sigh.

"I have a pair from the time I took your laundry." I said as turned around to go to the apartment.

"You took my laundry, baby? I thought I told you I would do it." he said, feeling guilty again.

"Yeah, you were stressed out and I did you a favor." I said.

"Thank you." he said as he smiled.

"Wait here, I'll go get them." 

"Ok." he replied.

I left Harry standing by his car while I went to retrieve his pants. I guess he'll change in the car then?

I climbed up the stairs, and pulled out my keys from my Vera Bradley wristlet and unlocked the door. *beep* *beep* goes my alarm as I ran to it and put in my passcode. I headed for my room where I had Harry's pants folded on my dresser. 

"Here they are, just like new." I told myself

I noticed a note on the floor. I haven't written a note recently. How suspicious. Did Harry drop it?

I picked up the mysterious white paper that had a silver seal on it. It was addressed To: Harry ONLY From: Louis  Huh... It must have fallen out of Harry's suit's pocket. 

I carefully opened the letter. I didn't have to worry about tearing it because it was already torn. 

It read:

Dear Harry,

Its me Lou... Well umm basically I'm writing you this letter to tell you something.... I have a deep crush on your girlfriend, Hope. I love you guys as a couple, it's just, I have feelings for her and stuff.... Don't hate me.... But. I promise I will never EVER try to break you guys up. That isn't fair because you guys are going to be together forever or at least that is what you and her have told me at different times.. Well, I'll see you soon 

Louis xx

Great.. Harry's best friend has feelings for me. I mean I love Louis as a friend and all but I love Harry and nothing will ever come between us.The 



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