Last First Kiss

Harry and Amber have been together for two years now. They really want to be together forever, but will something or someone stop that from happening? You can only find out in "Last First Kiss."


8. Sleepover, Crying and Falling Asleep Next to Him

"Don't cry, you'll make me cry, too." he said as he caressed the back of my head. 

"But I have to cry! The love of my life is leaving for London and I'm not going with you because I just can't!" I cry through my words.

"Baby, you're the love of my life, too. Believe me, I would much rather stay here with you." he said as he pulled me as close as he could.

"Let's go watch a movie in bed. I'll carry you there." He said as he picked me up and carried me to my room and laid me on my bed's comforter. 

"Let me get your pajamas for you. Stay here, I'll be right back." he says sweetly.

"You know where they are right?" I said as I wiped my eyes off with my Kleenex.

"Yes." he says as he walks into my closet.

He quickly comes out with my sleepshorts that are oober comfortable and a cotton tee shirt that was also very comfortable.

"Hold on, I'll be right back." he says as he walks out the bedroom door and into the kitchen.

I hear him run the sink and pull out a washcloth. How sweet is he?

"Here, this may help." he says as he carefully caresses my face with the washcloth.

"Why don't you go and get changed into your pajamas in the closet and I'll throw on my t-shirt and these sweatpants that look like mine." he says as he helps me up off of the bed. I give him a big bear hug. Right now he feels like a father to me, because of his caring manner.

I pick up my pajamas and walk into the closet and shut the door. I slip on my pajamas and then look in the mirror at myself. I'm a wreck, my brown hair that I curled earlier had gone flat but still a bit wavy and my face was red from my heavyduty crying.

I open the door to find Harry slipping his on his shirt as he smiled at me. I hop on the bed and grab my Kleenex box from the bedside table.

"What movie?" he asks.

"Why don't we watch The Neighborhood Watch, I heard it was hilarious." I say.

"Ok, sounds good." he says as he smiles at me.

He grabs the remote and plops on the bed next to me, grabbing my hand. This makes me smile.

"Here it is." he says as he pressed play. He carefully set down the remote on the opposite bedside table and then pulled me close and out both hands around me. I feel safe in his warm arms.

I suddenly feel relaxed next to his warm body and quickly fall asleep in the comfort if Harry's arm. What a great way to end the night. I didn't even think about goodbye.




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