Last First Kiss

Harry and Amber have been together for two years now. They really want to be together forever, but will something or someone stop that from happening? You can only find out in "Last First Kiss."


7. Romantic Hot Chocolate :)

"Why don't you test out your key?" I tell Harry, teasing him.

"Ok." He happily says as he takes the gold key out of his pocket. He inserts it into the lock and opens the door.

"It works!" he says in an excited but sarcastic tone.

*beep* *beep* *beep* The alarm "sings."

"Now I'll teach you the code." I say as I walk him to the the alarm.

"Type in 111610"

"That's the day we met." he says as he looks at me and smiles. 

"Yep." I say as Harry types in the code.

I guide him to my mini breakfast nook and I sit him down on my soft leather chair.

"Empathy hot chocolate, yeah?" he asks as I walk into my mini kitchen. I love my kitchen, it has cherry wood cabinets, granite and stainless steel appliances. I took alot of working to get that accomplished.

"Yep. Soothes any depressing moments. It's my mother's secret recipe" I say as I grab the Starbucks hot chocolate mix. When I said recipe, I put my finger up to my lips and "shhh" ed.

"Will I ever find out the secret ingredient?" he says playfully as he walks into the kitchen and hugs me from the back.

"Maybe." I say as I smile and lean around to kiss him quickly. But I guess it wasn't as quickly as I thought. Before I knew it I was sitting on the countertop. 

"Let me finish the hot chocolate, love." I say impersonating his British accent and smiling. I hop off the counter.

"You had to end our kiss early?" he says as he smiles.

"You just mocked me didn't you?" he teases as he leans in for another kiss.

I quickly peck his lips and I reach around to my spice cabinet for my mini marshallows and cinnamon.

"Here let me teach you how to make the hot chocolate." I say as I scoot over so Harry can get in front of the microwave too.

"Ok." he happily agrees.

"So, first step: tear open the package and pour it into a mug." I say as I hand him the white Starbucks packet.

"Like this?" he says as he pours the powder into the cup.

"Yep! Now step two: pour the milk into your glass and I'll pour it into mine." I say as I walk over to the fridge to get my Organic Valley milk.

"How much?" he asks, confused.

"Put in about half the length of the mug first and then stir it with this spoon and put in more if you need more." I say as I hand him a spoon.

"Does this look ok?" he asks as he slides the mug over to me.


"Now for the secret ingredient. Cinnamon." I say as I pick up the cinnamon.

"Put a little pinch in there." I say as I pour a little into Harry's rather large hand.

"Just sprinkle it in there, like this." I say as I demonstrate.

"Ok." he says as he copies my action perfectly.

He stirs it all together and then gives it a taste.

"Is it supposed to taste like this?" he asks as he hands me the spoon.

"It's supposed to be microwaved, silly! :)" I say in a teasing manner.

"Oh, that explains it." he says as he sillily looks down and does a tight smile.

I open the stainless steel microwave and place both mugs in there. Harry hadn't noticed yet but they are the boy friend and girl friend mugs he got me for our 2nd anniversary as a couple. 

"Notice anything?" I say as I as glance at the microwave to give him a sign.

"You're using the mugs I got you, love!" he says as he kisses me on the forehead.

"Yes and I love them!" I say in an excited tone.

"Ok it takes 2 minutes in the microwave.." I say.

"Can we finish our kiss then?" he asks as we both cheekily smile.

"Yes." I say as I happily bite my lip.

Harry leans in and kisses me deeply. I will miss his soft, unchapped lips if I stay here without him. How will anyone else's compare to Harry's?

I hear the timer go off from the microwave but don't move a muscle to get up from the countertop, I just want to enjoy this moment because it may never happen again.

Harry leaves my lips as my eyes are still closed. I open them to find him smiling at me with his cheeky smile. He then leans in for more and grabs the waist and twirls me off of the counter not leaving my lips once. For a second we just stand there and then I back away to retrieve the hot chocolate. Harry refused to let go of my waist, so I had to lean a little bit to grab the steaming hot chocolate from the microwave. I remove one of Harry's hands from my waist and I grab it instead. He decides to follow my action and drop his other arm to his side. I pull him over to the breakfast nook and we both take a seat.

"Take a sip." I say to Harry as I'm about to take my first sip.

"Oh my gosh!" he says as he looks at the cup in awe.

"This is fantastic and healing!" he retorts very excitedly. I just cheekily laugh.

"I see you are enjoying it." I reply with a smile.

"Yes very much so. Almost as much as I enjoy being here with you." he says as he offers a small smile.

I just start to get teary eyed of the thought of myself sitting alone at the breakfast nook drinking our special hot chocolate without him.

"It's getting late" I say not finishing my sentence.

"Yeah, it is. I'll head out soon." he said, a little disappointed but respectful of me.

"No. no! Stay the night. I don't trust crazy drivers at night, especially 16 days before Christmas." I say as I give him a little wink.

I need to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves Thursday, tomorrow... 

" I would love too." he says with a smile.

"Do you have any clothes?" I ask him.

"No." he replies 

"I have a t-shirt that you left here last time you slept over." I say as I quickly get up to retrieve it from the dryer in my washing room to the right of the breakfast nook.

"Thanks." he says.

"For what." I say from the washing room as I come back with his signature light blue t-shirt.

"Everything. All the memories, gifts, kisses, hugs and making me feel like me." he says as he smiles and slaps his lap signaling for me to come sit on it.

I start to cry and hug him knowing his kind,familiar face will not be here tomorrow, but in London, without me.


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