Last First Kiss

Harry and Amber have been together for two years now. They really want to be together forever, but will something or someone stop that from happening? You can only find out in "Last First Kiss."


6. "Please think about it" Harry insists.

"Harry, I can't. My life is here." I regretfully tell him.

"I really want you to come, but I can't ask you to leave your life." he tells me.

"I would love to because you are part of my life, but my family is here. But I can't ever picture you not being with me"I tell him.

If I had to leave with anyone it would be him, but I've just started my third year in college here in America and so has he. I guess we could transfer to Oxford since I was accepted in 2nd year, but I chose to go to NYU with Harry. I can't even stand the idea of not seeing Harry everyday. It's hitting me hard now, but it will hit me even harder later when I think of all the things I'll miss.

"You're my life right now and so is the band. I can't picture leaving you either. " he looks at me intently, straight in the eye.

"I want to stay." he tells me as he pulls out his phone

"What are you doing?" I ask him, confused.

"I'm calling Modest Management. Telling them I quit the band." he says as he unlocks his black Iphone 4s.

"No." I say as I grab the phone and put it in my phone. "I'm letting you quit your career. That's your life. You need this. You need them. Not me. I'll be here if you ever want to visit me and my six cats."I say sternly.

"It is my career, and I need to provide for you if you decide to come with me. Sleep on the decision?" he says hoping for the least bit of hope of me coming with him.

"I'll pay for your ticket!" he insists, holding my hand and smiling.

"Harry, I don't know how to say this without breaking your heart." I say as I notice his smile disappears. I look down and swallow hoping this will help my words come out.

"I've already told you. It would be so hard leaving you but I can't go to England and forget about my life here. But I won't ever forget you." I say as the words hurt really bad coming out of my mouth.

Why do we have to be in this situation? He is asking me to come with him to England, but I can't possibly forget my life here. I"m 22 and he's 23 and even if we went to England together, it would be amazing, but I would get way to homesick and would have to go back. But could I risk losing Harry, my soul mate.

Harry ducks away and puts his hands over his eyes.

"Harry, are you crying?" I say as I rub his back. I'm sure he'd miss that just as much or even more than I would.

"No, no." he says as he wipes the obvious tears from his red cheeks.

"It's allergies." he lies.

"Harry, it's ok to cry. I'm still here, you aren't gone yet." I say as I offer him a hug and he accepts it.

I feel Harry's head on my shoulders as my head rests on his and we cry together. I felt his hot tears hit my shoulder and soft curls brush against my cheek.

For a few moments we just sit there, upset together.

"Do you wanna go back to my house and we can have some empathy hot chocolate?" he asks as he wipes the tears from my eyes and I wipe his, too.

"Yeah." I say as he grabs my hand and pulls both of us of the curb in front of the restaurant.

"Shooting Star." I say as I cry even more because it brings back a  memory.

"Like on our first date." he says as we both look at eachother, eyes glassy and smile. 

We close our eyes and say our wish aloud.

"I hope Harry and I will be together forever."
"I wish we could both stay together forever, wherever we are." 

We open our eyes and stare into eachother's eyes and hug. 

"I'll go pay the check." he says sweetly as he quickly removes the tears from his eyes.

I wait for Harry as he meets the waiter at the door and gives him $100 for everything. In exchange, the waiter gives him a box of chocolates held in a heart box.

"Ready?" he quietly yells to me as walks towards my door to the car. He carefully opens the door and shuts it. I see him walk past the dashboard as the lights of the restaurant go out and the waiter locks the door and ambles to his beat up Toyota parked 4 spaces from our car.

Harry gets in the car as I stare at him intently. Man will I miss his beautiful green eyes, kissable pink lips and soft, brown, touchable curly hair. Maybe I should sleep on this decision. But, for now its not a definite no nor a definite yes.



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