Last First Kiss

Harry and Amber have been together for two years now. They really want to be together forever, but will something or someone stop that from happening? You can only find out in "Last First Kiss."


1. Love Me Forever <3

I walked to my white walk in closet on a mission to find my black skin tight strapless dress that Harry said looked absolutely stunning on me. Tonight he and I are going to a special restaurant named Bella Luna. He told me he wanted to tell me something extremely important. Oh, I hope it's good news.


"Found it." I said as I stared at the dress and bit my lip. I ambled over to my long fullsize mirror and took the dress and put it in front of me imagining what it would look like on. Perfect. Harry also told me it eccentuated my curves, he obviously liked that. I rummaged through my drawer to find my soft pink lipstick from Revlon and my gold eyeshadow from MAC that I bought a month ago to go with my sparkly black pumps from Michael Kors that Harry insisted on buying for me. "Aha!" I said as I retrieved both items from a somewhat crowded makeup drawer. I set them aside as I quickly slipped of my oversized blue t-shirt that used to be Harry's. I slipped on my black dress and perfected it to fit me correctly. 

"How am I going to do my hair?" I mumbled to myself as I imagined different hairstyles in my mind. "Big bouncy curls! Yes!" I said as I ran to my bathroom to grab my CHI heat protectant and my red Conair Infinity YOUCurl. I walked across the carpet and into the oversized closet. I plugged my curling iron into the nearest outlet and sprayed my hair thoroughly with the heat protectant. I quickly gazed at my white wall clock in the closet. 7:45. He's coming at 8:00 and Harry is always on time, always! I better get ready quick! " It's me!" my phone told me in Harry's voice. There's a text from him that says 

To: Hope

From: Harry

Hey :) I'm on my way. can't wait to see you and tell you something :)


"Aww" I said as I looked at the screen. I can just picture him sitting in the drivers seat in his silver Audi taking his phone out at a stop light to text me. 

To: Harry

From: Hope

Cant wait to see you either, baby :)


I sent the message and quickly put my phone down to start curling my hair! I need to be completely ready in 15 minutes! 

I picked up my curling iron and carefully wrapped strands around the wand and waited 10 seconds for each strand.

Finally after 5 minutes of curling, I picked up my lipstick and puckered my lips to get ready to apply it. Two swipes of it and then I rubbed my lips together. Perfect! Then I quickly put my gold eyeshadow on both of my eyelids and then grabbed my handy eyeliner from my drawer to finish it all off. I decided to wear my sparkly gold black pumps that Harry got me. I quickly slipped those on and then posed in the mirror and checked to make everything was awesome.

"Teeth." I said as I looked in the mirror and inspected my perfectly straight pearly whites.

"Perfect." I mumbled.

"Hair." I bounced my curled dark brown hair and sprayed it with hairspray to last all night long.


"Whole outfit." I said staring at my outfit,quickly posing in front of the mirror.


And then I heard my doorbell ring to my tiny 2 bedroom apartment.

I quickly put on my gold earrings and necklace I got as a gift from my best friend Lissa.

I heard the doorbell again and I yelled "Coming!"

I was so excited to open the door for my hot boyfriend, Harry Styles.

I walked toward the front door and slyly opened it to find Harry leaning on the door post with his sunglasses on. He was wearing a casual black tux. His curls , as usual were messy and cute.

"Hi."he said as he looked at me head to toe.

"My, do you look stunning." he said as he grabbed my waist and gave me a kiss.

"Why thank you." I said as I smiled and gave him another kiss. I tasted mint on his lips. It almost tasted like Sweet Mint Gum by Orbit. 

"Here" he said as he handed me a tiny blue Tiffany and Co. box.

"Baby, you didn't have to." I looked at him and smiled slightly.

"Open it." He said as he slightly bit his lip.

 I opened the box to find a small, blue, leather bag with the logo on it. I pulled the string on the bag to find a beautiful gold necklace with a heart pendant.

"Harry." I looked at him with confusion.

"Why are you so good to me?" I asked him.

"Because you're beautiful and I love you?" He asked and gave me another kiss. How sweet is he?

"How did I get so lucky?" I asked very cheekily with a smile on my face.

"I'm so ordinary and you're so beautiful. How are you lucky? I'm the one who's lucky" he said as we both smiled at eachother.

"You are not ordinary. You are a cute, spectacularly amazing boyfriend who I am so lucky to have as mine." I said as I stared deeply stare into his beautiful, endless green eyes.

He just blushed and smiled at me as I guided him into the house.

"Let me put the necklace on you." He said. I offered him the box and he retrieved the beautiful necklace from the suede mini-bag.

"Here" I said as I reached behind my back to take the other necklace off.

"I got it" he said as he softly gripped my hands and put them to my sides.

He carefully pulled the necklace over my head and fastened it.

"Beautiful, as always." he said as I turned around to face him. He then offered me a bear hug and I obviously accepted that.

"I love your hugs, baby." I told him as I secretly did a closed-lip smile.

"I love yours too." he said back to me as we were still hugging.

I broke away from the hug anxious to give Harry something.

"I have something for you." I said as I grabbed his hand and led him towards my room.

"You shouldn't have to get me anything." he said, almost feeling guilty.

"I had to! You've done so much for me." I said reassuring him why I needed to.

"I never wanted you to pay me back." he said.

"I know. Ok, close your eyes." I said as I sat him on the bed.

"Don't peek." I said almost in a childlike tone.

I quickly glided into my walk in closet to get the present for Harry. I looked up at my top shelf to find a "money card" but I didn't get him money, I got him concert tickets to Maroon 5's 2012 Tour.

"Keep your eyes closed." I said as my heels clicked on the tile floor.

"Ok." he said smiling with his eyes closed.

I placed my hands on his and told him: "Ok, when you see this you will think its too much, but you deserve it."

"Baby," he said as if he were to finish a sentence.

"Ok, open." 

Harry opened his eyes and had to blink them a few times.

"Long sleep?" I teased.

"Yes." he said as he smiled.

"Baby, money? Take it back, I want you to have it." he said, feeling guilty of taking my money.

"No, it's not money. Open it." I said, taking his hand and sitting next him.

He opened the card reading my message first:

Dear Harry,

You deserve this and don't tell me you don't because you do :) I love you !

Love, Hope

"Maroon 5 tickets?" he said as he smiled and hugged.

"I wanted to do something for you that was out of the ordinary." I told him, smiling.

"How much were they? I'll pay you back for both tickets." he said.

"No, no, no. It's a gift." I said as I smiled.

"You're coming with me, then."

"Ok" I said as I smiled.

We just stared into eachother's eyes for a moment and then Harry leaned in for a kiss. It happened,  a long kiss. It was very romantic. 

We both parted lips and were nose to nose and smiled. Then Harry got up still having his hand locked into mine. He pulled me up and we walked towards the front of my apartment hand in hand, ready for  our date.

"Are you ready?' he asked to make sure I had everything.

"Let me grab my wristlet." I said as I detached hands and went to my dining room table.

I looked back when I saw Harry just staring at me. I smiled, he smiled.

"Ok, let's go." I said as I grabbed his hand.

He kindly opened the door like a gentlemen and I locked my door. I tossed him a key.

"I think you should have one by now." I said as I smiled and walked past him and down the stairs. Harry just stood there for a second and smiled.


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