Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


15. What!!!!!!!!!

****Takes place before harry shows up in her class****

Julias POV

I got up refreshed this morning so i had a shower and did my hair and makeup all pretty. i checked my phone and had 4 txts one from Jay, Harry, Amy and Gwen. 

Jays said: morning beautiful where were you all weekend? cant wait to see you :*

i quickly replied: just catching up with and old friend and see you soon babe <3

then i read harrys: had a great time catching up the other day :) we should do it again sometime see you in class later! and don't be late missy its elimination day remember

i sighed today was they day that 5 people from each team would be cut leaving 3 for each team then next week it would go down to 2 then the finals to see weather team direction or team wanted won and who got to record with who. i was nervous. 

i quickly responded to both the girls txts to they were both just about freaking out over the elimination but i knew they would do great.

i finished getting ready and me and Jackie headed to class

Mrs Robins had informed us that they had finally found some people to fill the spots of the missing roles including my former love inetrest who was in the beginning of the play my best friend but it grew into a relationship but in the end i married the prince instead of him. i was very inetrested to know who would be playing this role

when we got to class we were split into our groups again i walked over to mrs R but jay was know where insight. just then i felt a pair of hands covering my eyes.

"guess who"

"hmmm danny"

"whos danny"

i turned around to find a very upset looking jay

"ha im kidding i don't know a danny i knew it was you"


he gave me a tight hug and a quick peck and a hug then we directed out attention back to mrs r who hadnt seemed to notice.

"ok so today since we found a few people to play the roles we were missing we are going to do the scene between chris and Isabella when they are in the meadow ok?

i nod

"ok harry come out"

i wasnt paying attention but i quickly turned around to see harry my eyes opened wide. Why was here why hadnt he mentioned doing this! crap crap crap this was the scene where the two kissed to shit this was going to be so awkward i couldnt kiss Harry! im dating jay even if it was for a play.. i quickly calmed myself down , it was just a kiss its not like it was going to mean anything it was almost like kissing a sister or brother. 

i quickly looked to Jay who looked a bit tense at this point i knew he knew about this scene and wasnt to happy the player harry styles would be kissing me..... good thing i didnt tell him about hanging out with him on the weekend. i quickly whispered in his ear 

"hey there tiger theres to no beating you don't worry about it seriously i only want you"

he seemed to relax a bit and gave me a little smile

"okay so julia harry come up to stage and you jay can go work on your scene with Liam over there."

i looked over to see that all the boys were here louis was dramaticlly trying to act,zayn was looking in a mirror, god knows what niall was doing over there and liam was just looking at his phone.

i turned back to harry who i had yet to say hello to

"hey haz"

"i didn't know you were in this class"

he said with an apologetic look upon his face.

he knew this would be awkward to

"ok so i want you to start from the meadow scene all the way till after the kiss.... i realise this may be awkward since julia you seem to be smitten with Jay but it has to be done ok"

i nod and look at harry who was looking confused

"mr styles you have acted before i assume?"

"uh yes mam we were on icarly last year and ive done school plays"

"excellent now lets get started"

we started from the meadow scene its when chris and julia talking and hanging out in the meadow and they confess there love for each other and kiss ... corny i know but hey i didn't write this play haha. we worked our way through the scene until it was near the end

"izz theres something i havn't been honest about all these years"

"what is it chris"

"i'm in love with you i have been for a long time now i've just been to scared to tell you"

"chris .i i ilove you to"


i nod then harry leans in close,grabs my chin and kisses me softly.

we both pull away and i quickly look at the ground.. i shouldnt be feeling what im feeling..

"that was great you two! Harry your a really good actor im pleasantly surprised alright now Julia id like for you and Jay to go over the final scene again today since we open in 3 weeks."

i nod and Jay comes strolling over and Harry walks back to the rest of his band.

"how was that" he asked questioningly

"nothing compared to you" 

but the truth is i lied...........








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