Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


3. Time For Class

My alarm goes off at 7. Since Jackies not up yet i take the opprutunity to have the first shower. when i get out Jackie looks anxious to get in the bathroom i laugh as she does a little potty dance. 7:30 we are both done our showers and start getting ready. I straighten my hair and Jackie does to. 

i put on a pair of jeans a white tank and a stripped hollister cardigan i got for Christmas. Jackie throws on a sweater and lulus. We do our make up and head to out first class which is drama.


We got to class right before the bell and a middle aged women cam in we found a seat by a girl with really curly hair and a boy with brown hair. The teacher introduced herself as Mrs Robins

"i am Mrs robins i will be you drama professor for the term. Getting in here is truly and honor so give yourselves a round of applause."

we all clapped than she silenced us again

"now for this term we will be preforming the play ever after. Its about a prince searching for a wife and just as hes about to marry a stuck up queen he is reunited with a friend from the past. they become closer and they fall for each other but they have to deal with the queen who turns bitter and trys to cast a spell in the end the girl wins his heart back and they all like happily ever after"

"jeez sounds like a good play" Jackie whispers to me 'ya seems like it'

"now the two major roles are prince eric and Isabella. Other roles include the evil queen, the sister and maids. Well then let the auditions start. everyone has to try out for the main roles so lets start with hmm.... Savanah! how bout you dear"

A tall blond snootie looking girl got up flicked her hair and went to the front and read

"Oh eric or love can never be you see you are a prince i am but a common girl" she was good but she wasnt that good.

next it was jackies turn she was pretty good i have to admit but she was quit awkward.

the rest of the class went and of course thanks to my luck i was the last one great...

"julia your next go ahead"

By now i had the memorized the lines i had to read with ease 

"But eric you are engaged! we cant be anything i am sorry but its just impossible"

I looked at ms robins and she nodded with approval just then the bell rang

"alright great job class the list will be posted tomorrow"

'you were amazing' jackie said as we walked out of the class room "thanks"

'oh please she was only good because she had time to memorize here line' the savanah chick said while glaring at me.

"do you have a problem?"

"ya i do actually you see i am number one and no one steals my spotlight so back off"

and with that statement she walked away

'wow shes rude.. and dont listen to her Julia you were great'

"thanks jack lets go"

and then we left to have lunch then on to our second classes. unfortunately i didnt have it with her but i had it with amy so it was ok

*tell me if you like give me suggestions :)*

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