Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


11. Thats what makes you beautiful

Julias POV

Dramas was  a little bit awkward today since of last night....  Jay was all flirty and i guess we were going on a date tonight.  When i got home last night i told Jackie all that happened even seeing Niall at the building. She screamed so loud i thought she was going to wake up the whole dorm.

Now i was on to vocals without Amy because she was sick , i was really early today which was unusual, so igrabbed a double frap from starbucks on the way. Thats when i spotted Harry walking straight towards me.. Great just what i needed... not

"what you got there Jewls you don't want to be drinking one of those they have alot of calories you know and they stunt your growth wouldnt want you to shrink, better hurry up to dont want to be late seems like me and you are doing a duet together"

and with that he turned away leaving me almost in tears but he wasnt going to win this time, time to fight back

"hey styles"

he turned towards me

"fuck you" i flipped him off and headed towards class i couldnt stop thinking about how he used my nickname tho he only said it when we were friends



"and thats how you do it hazz"

"you cheated!"

"did not you just suck at video games hazz admit it"

"Do not Jewls you cheated lets switch controllers then and see"

"NEVER youll have to pry it from my cold dead body"

"that can be arranged"

i got up and ran while Hazz chased after me for the controller we had been playing video games i ran up to his room and shut the door i ran into his closet so he wouldn't find me.. thats when i spotted something unusual. a gold thong? i picked it up and smirked now ive got him. i got out of the closet quickly because i heard him coming. i stood in the middle of the room swinging the thong around my finger as Harry burst in. he stopped dead in his tracks 

"where did you find that?!"

"in your closet"

"give it!"


and again i ran but this time Harry grabbed me by the waist from behind. i tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong. i kicked him and he lost his balance and we both toppled to the floor. i landed on top of him and he smirked at the awkward position we were in. we just stared into each others eyes until i snapped out of it grabbed the thong again and ran around his house saying Harry wheres thongs harry wears thongs. until he got it again

*end of flashback*

i whipped a small tear from my eye. those were the good old days.

i quickly found Gwen as i got to class but as i saw Jay walk into class i quickly told him that Amy wasnt here today so someone on there team wouldn't have a partner.

"well thats to bad i hope your friend feels better btw is 7 ok for tonight?"

i nod and walk away

as class started Louis told us our partners, Harry was right Louis had put us together.. typical Louis. i walked up to Harry and sat down not making eye contact

"Tell me one thing Julia"


i say a bit more coldly than intended

"did you say things behind my back and kiss will back in high school"

i turn to him in confusion what was he talking about

"what are you talking about harry? no never"

"She lied then" harry muttered under his breath trying to hide it from me.

"who lied and about what harry?"

"Im so sorry Julia back then Taylor told me those things and i believed her thats why i was so mean to you that year. God im so stupid to have believed her and not even talked to you about it. the boys are right i am a terrible person" 

he had his head in his hands in this point he seemed really upset

" your right you are a terrible person harry, you made me feel like crap all those years. it hurt haz!"

now i did it he looked up with me tears running down his face but small hope i have said his nickname to

"im so sorry jewls i really am can you forgive me ever?"

what do i do im so mad at him but i miss our friendship..........

"i guess i can"

he jumped up and lifted me up and twirled me around saying yay i got my best friend back. Just then Louis came in the room with a confused face

"whats going on here?"

'"i got my best friend back boo bear"

Louis ran over to us screaming yay and we all had a group hug well really it was a julia sandwich

"guys you are squishing me and shouldn't we be getting to work harry?

"right ya so er what song do you want to sing?"

"your pick?"

"how bout one of our songs?"

"i only really know the one"

"great then"

we start harmonizing to what makes you beautiful. i sang the beginning and harry sang all his parts while i sung everyone elses.

soon enough it was time for all of us to preform.

i was super nervous

we went up infront of the class and i started to sing

"your insecure don't know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the door................"

my solo parts of the song went by great all that was left was Harrys solo and the final chorus

he looked in my eyes as he sung his solo

"baby you light up my world like no body else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell.... you dont know"

gaw his eyes were beautiful how i missed them. i quickly snapped out of my trance as his solo finished and we sang the last chorus.

" Great job jewls your really good"

"thank you harry your good to"

"we need to hang out sometime soo ok so we can catch up ya?"

"sounds good to me"

we exchange our numbers and i go sit with Gwen for the rest of the groups 

"that was fjsklfjslfjlsjf amazing ah omg the way he loooked in your eyes!"

"haha thanks Gwen you were really great as well how was it singing with louis?"

"hes amazing obviously  and really easy to talk to"

"ya they all are"

the bell rings and i quickly head back to my room to tell jackie the news and get ready for my date


*****AUTHORS NOTE*************

I'm sorry  if you hate it :( i had writers block

any way team jaylia or team harry?





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