Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


9. Team Larry

I waited a couple minutes for Amy but she never showed i guessed she was late so i headed to class without her. Just as class was about to start she showed up and just in time to because just after she did all the boys did to. We all quickly settled down as mr chambers walked in

" so the boys have given me their requests and i have created the teams. so on one directions team we have

julia, grace, gwen, avery............"

my head shot straight up what! sadly i knew i was the only Julia in the class. Amy's name wasnt called so i was sad

'maybe we can ask mr chambers to switch us?' 

i say trying to cheer her up

all she does is nods and gives me a weak smile and we walk up to mr chambers 

"is there any way we can switch teams?"

'im sorry julia but that wouldn't be fair besides mr tomlinson requested you specifically"

i nod and look over to Louis whos laughing and jumping up and down waving like a retard i just glare at him and walk over to a girl with ocean blue eyes and dirty blonde hair she smile as i take a seat. atleast shes nice

' hi im Gwen and you are?'

"im julia"

'nice to meet you julia, so do you like 1d?'

"ya they are pretty good ive only heard a couple songs though what bout you?"

' i kind of love them im so nervous' 

she says with a shy smile i can tell shes nervous to be on their team.

"well dont be nervous inside they are just normal teenage boys right?"

'i guess thats right'

and with that she becomes a bit more relaxed as we chat a bit more i decide that later i might listen to there cd. Just then we are interrupted by Liam.

"welcome to team direction everybody we are looking forward to hearing you sing and getting to know each and everyone with you personally"

right then i think 99 percent of the girls almost fainted i including Gwen

"right so to do that we are going to have a kind of initiation" 

harry says with his stupid cheeky smile as he looks around at all of the girls checking them out. ugh stupid perve. But what does he mean initiation? i look over at Gwen who seems just as confused as i am she just shrugs

"your probably wondering what that means well lets just say me may come get you at any random time and bring you to a secret location to do unknown activities with you... all legal though"

all the girls are chatting like crazy including me and Gwen "

"they better not come during the night i look terrible when i first wake up"-gwen

'i swear if they interrupt my sleep i might interrupt there breathing'

we both laugh at my statement 

but then Zayn starts speaking again

"ok so again we are going to put you into smaller groups with us so we can all hear your voices again"

everyone was split into groups again, there was zayn and niall, liam, and there was the team me and gwen we put on louis and harry -.- as i walked to our small group all i could do was give louis a dirty look why did he keep doing this to meeeee. he just laughed and harry smirked at me as i walked by. stupid jerk. 

"wat was that!"

'what was what?'

"you and harry?!"

'we kind of know eacth other from along time ago and well we dont get along'

"thats not what i saw"

'what you talking bout willis?'

"he totally checked you out while you were looking at louis"

'wait what ew! your lying'

"i swear to god im telling the truth" 

ew what the fcuk 

just then my not so nicely worded thoughts were interrupted by mr sassy

"okii lady's we would all like to here your lovely voices again so half of you will sing for harry and half of you will sing for me and since the first round is duets we will pair you up for the first round and 2 of you get to sing with either me or lovely harry here"

psh lovely harry my arse

i quickly went to lou's line to sing not wanting to see harry for a bit. 

when it was my turn i walked up lou

"how could you do this to me lou you know me and harry dont get along"

'well princess we thought it would be good if you and harry tried to fix things'

" sorry to tell you guys this but thats not going to happen sorry"

'we will see so what you going to sing for me?'

knowing fully well Harry would be able to hear me singing a picked a song perfect for him

"im going to sing karma by Kristina maria"

'wow good song go ahead'

"Talk back

Haven't you said enough for too long
Talk back
Nothing you say will right what is wrong
The way you talk back
I'm not gone to have to fix what you've done
Oh eh oh oh
It'll happen on it's own

Cause Karma's gonna get you now
And I'm not gonna stick around
Karma's gonna get you now ow ow baby
And I know that I'll end up right
While you're in a mid life crisis
Karma's gonna get you now ow ow baby (yeah, yeah)

Tough luck
I'm not gonna wait for you to behave
Tough luck
Acting like you're so sorry
Oh yah you got me thinking
What I could do to hurt you right back
But wait, oh no
I don't have to anymore

Cause Karma's gonna get you now
And I'm not gonna stick around
Karma's gonna get you now ow ow baby (yeah)
And I know that I'll end up right
While you're in a mid life crisis"

i looked to see Harry who had his mouth hanging right open not paying attention to the girl singing to him. Good he relized the song was about him. i could help but smirk

"that was really good Julia!"-louis

'thanks lou means alot' 

and with that i walked back to Gwen who clapped

'well done girl haha guessing that was about harry and he knew by the way he looked'


then the class rang and me and Gwen went out for coffee at starbucks. i learned alot about her turns out she really likes zebras lol and shes really funny. As i walk back to my dorm i run into someone

'oops sorry about that'

"don't worry about it"

i look up to see its Jay

"oh hey"

'you never txted me' 

he faked being hurt

"ive just been busy im sowey"

'dont worry its fine but i got to go so txt me later tonight ok!'

"sure" and then i walk back to the dorm


sorry it kind of sucks i wrote the whole thing then it deleted it all </3

but i hope you like it! leave comments and tell your friends about it!

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