Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


7. Reunion

i met Amy at our usual spot. i was so nervous we had to sing infront of one direction and the wanted!

"julia you look amazing!" she came up and hugged me

'you to amy'

we both giggle and walk to class.

Again all the slutty girls walk in with tight shirts and short was absolutely amazing to see how far these girls would go.

mr chambers walked in just as the bell rang

"alright class settle down settle down. so heres the deal today we are joined by the wanted and one direction and we will kind of have a game. if youve ever watched the american show the voice we will be doing a kind of version of that. So each of you will preform today and both groups will decide who they want on there teams, each day this week one of you from each team will preform and in the end one team will win got it?"

we all nod sounds like real fun

"now without further adu the wanted and one direction everybody"

everyone starts screaming and cheering as the boys all walk out, and thats when i see him, the person i hate with a passion that broke me so many years ago.... Harry. his piercing green eyes and perfect brown curls gosh how i missed him. STOP it Julia you hate him remember... soon enough i calmed myself down. And obviously Amy saw the tenseness in my face because you grabbed my hand and gave me a sympathetic look. 

Nathen: its great to be here with you all

Niall: ya we look forward o seeing all your talent.

gosh Niall had a sexy irish voice he was so cute i could see Amy basically drooling over him though haha how cute.

"ok class alphbeticly you will all sing a song for the boys ok no need to be nervous, ok first up ashley berns"

a small tiny girl went up to the front and sang some song i didnt know i kind of zoned out until it was amys turn

she got up and confidently sung gunnin by hedly. i must say she was really good!

i congratulated her and she smiled but i could tell she was still shaking from that. soon enough i heard my name get called

"Julia Sumpton"

i walk onto the stage and see Harrys eyes staring into mine, shit he recognized me. i quickly looked away and started to sing one of my fave songs

'and they say shes in the class a team stuck in her day dream stuck in her daydream be this way since 18 but latly her face seems slowly singing wasting crumbling like pastries and they scream the worst things in life come free to us.' soon enough i finished the song and looked at all the boys, Harry just sat there shocked and the rest of the boys just clapped i snucked a peek at jay who smiled and winked at me i couldnt help but blush i then with my head down not wanting to make eye contact with harry again i quickly went back and sat with amy again

'that was absolutly amazing! you should have seen harrys face totally priceless'

good was all i could manage to say. 

we watched the rest of the performances in silence and soon after a long class everyone had finished and the boys all stood up to talk  to us

Jay:  well that was great! we seem to have alot of really talented singers here

he seemed to be looking directly at me which was kind of odd and again he winked sending shivers down my spine. amy obviously saw to because she nudged me.

"all right great job class the teams will be decided tonight and will be announced tomorrow'

then we all left and me and amy went out for dinner at mcdonalds.

just as we sat down who but ofcourse one direction had to walk in

and ofcourse harry saw me and smirked. He walked up to me with his friends following

"well well well if it isnt shortie julie my my havn't we changed"

'what do you want styles?'

"oh nothing just be careful what you eat darling dont want you gaining all that wait back"

and with that he walked away. i couldnt help it i ran to the bathroom and started to cry. Why did he have to be so mean what did i ever do to him?

Harrys POV

When i saw Julia on stage my heart stopped. the girl i had loved so many years ago standing right infront of me.

But none of that mattered taylor told me that she never loved me and used to make fun of me behind my back so i started to do the same. i know dick move right but whatever she hurt me so much it was time for a little revenge. But seeing her there affected me she was so skinny and pretty now she wasnt plastered in makeup and her voice when she sang...... snap out of it Harry you hate her remember. When i saw her at mcdonalds i couldnt help but go talk to her.... i guess old habits die hard. as i walked back to my friends they all had shocked looks on there faces

"what?" i say

Niall: what the hell was that mate?

"just a girl from my old schoool we hate eachother"

Louis: that was harsh mate no need for that

Liam: ya mate no need to point out a girls insecurites out thats not what we are about and you know that

"whatever" i say and walk out of mc donalds.

Nialls POV

what had gotten in to him? he was never like this what could have happened between these two to make him so upset? i didnt know but i was going to find out

i saw her friend she was with sitting at there table dazed so me and the lads walked up to her. when i saw her face i relized she was beautiful

" sorry to intrude but we saw everything... is your friend ok?"

' shes just upset..... your!'

"ya and you are?"

' oh sorry im amy nice to meet you' 

she flashed a smile and me irish heart melted

"so do you mind telling me what happened there?"

'i think it would be best if you asked harry that cuz honestly i dont know'

just then julia? i think thats her name walked out with red puffy eyes obiously she had been crying from harrys words

Louis: you ok love

she looked up at us a bit startled

' ya ill be fine'

she managed a small fake smile but it didnt convince us

Liam: you were really good today by the way most likely one of the best

she really smiled this time and thanked him.

'listen we are sorry about harry he never goes off like that we dont know what make him say those things'

" its ok Harry always used to pick on me im used to it"

wait she knew harry? know i really had to find out what was going on.

Liam: well it was lovely meeting you but we better go

her and her friend said good bye and the 4 of us left

"alright i think its time we talk to hazza about how he knows this girl and why hes so mean to her"

they all nod and so then we went to hunt for harry

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