Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


5. Oh Great

i went to bed after all there foolish talk. And the first thing i thought when i woke up was, a guy i hated most would be here in a week.... great.

i groan and sit up

"well good morning to you to" (jackie)

'haha sorry just thinking'


'how my life is going to suck within the next week'

" dont keep focusing on the bad think about the good! the wanted are coming here as well and some of them are pretty adorable."

'i guess your right, well i guess we better get ready for class'

she nods and we both get ready. i throw on a jack wills jumper, jeans and some high heeled boots. then i throw my hair into a messy bun and apply eyeliner masscara and lip gloss. soon we are out the door and heading to drama.

mrs robins settled the class down

"now im sure most of you have heard that the 2 famous boybands one direction and the wanted will be joining us for a term, and as i have just found out Jay from the wanted has shown a keen intrest in playing our male lead!"

me and jackie squealed along with almost every other girl in the room. i must say i fancied jay the most out of the lot . Now i was actually hoping i got the role. 

"now class i have the cast list here and will post it at the end of class but for now i would like you to get into groups of 4 and create a little skit" 

so for the rest of class me and jackie worked with a girl called lily and a boy called micheal. or skit was about a homeless girl stuck in the rain after being beaten and the boy helps her. classy i know.

At the end of class mrs robins posted the list, everyone ran up to it to see what part they got me and jackie waited for the crowd to clear, then we go up. Jackie checks first and comes back smiling.


"looks like ill be playing your bestfriend in the play, you got the lead!"

'YOUR Kidding right?!"

'no go check for yourself'

sure enough i had gotten Isabella

i squeel and me and Jackie both hug eachother

"you do know what this means dont you?" jackie says

'no what?'

"you get to kiss Jay from the wanted!!!'

omg i really did it was in the script i had to act madly inlove with him, well that might not be so hard.

in vocals i told amy about getting the role and what it meant, she seemed so thrilled for me but to be honest i was really nervous.


The rest of the week went buy really fast i began to learn my lines and started to get them really easy. soon enough it was sunday night i couldnt help thinking about what was to come tomorrow..... i would have to face harry


*authors note. omg so i know it seems really slow and boring but trust me it gets wayyyyyyy better i promise. so comment tell me if you want me to update again and give me feedback*

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