Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


19. Movie Night and the partial truth

Harrys POV

i had been really out of it all day. Julia had come up to me again and i just blew her off. I hated being rude to her again but i couldn't let her get hurt..... i loved her to much ... WAIT  what are you thinking Harry you don't love her she you friend or maybe i did maybe everything Jay had said was right... But can you blame me.. She was my everything when we were young. so full of life, gorgeous when the sun hit her face it made her glow she looked like a super model, she was short but just the perfect size for me. When she smiled my heart melted. awe who was i kidding of coarse i loved her. a part of me always had. I lay on my bed and let a grunt out of frustration... why was she with an asshole who didn't care about her .. who only wanted sex. I could protect her. I'd be with her through her darkest times to make up from the past. It was time for me to step up my game and protect the love of my life. But how do i prove to her its me she needs. I got it.. The song




Julias POV

 i ate dinner with the girls then went back to the dorm so i could get ready to see the lads.

i put on a casual pair of skinny's and my fave jack wills jumper. i didn't really care what i wore since i was just going to see the lads. Niall messaged me the address so i hoped on the subway and headed to there flat which so happened to be where Jay and them were also, crap i don't think hed like me hanging out with them... oh well who was he to say what i do and don't. I knocked on the boys door and Liam opened with a confused face

"jewls what are you doing here"

"Niall invited me over to watch movies"

"right i did!"

"did someone say my bested friend julia is here!!" louis screamed while running though the flat

"why yes i guess she is"

"how i've missed you why havn't you come to see me" he pouted like a little kid

"oh im sorry lou bear i've been busy"

i hugged louis niall and liam and we all went to sit on the couches, Zayn and Harry know where in site

"where are the other boys"

"Zayn went to get Nandos and Harrys in his room grunting"- Niall

all the boys snickered

"grunting?" i got up and walked to Harrys door

"i wouldn't go in there if i was you" louis said with a cheeky grin

i knocked on the door

"go away im thinking"

well as long as he wasn't jacking off.... i opened the door and walked into Harrys room. He was lying on the bed with a pillow over his face

"i said i was..."


"hi..what are you doing here"

"Niall invited me over for movies... i hope you don't mind"

"no of course not.... come here"

he sat up and had his arms wide open i quickly walked over and embarrassed him

"im sorry i've been such an ass lately i don't know whats comeover me" he let out a sigh still holding me close

"it's ok i guess"

"no its really not.. i've just been shutting you out again like i did all those years ago."

"no you haven't  don't blame yourself"

"yes i do"

"just tell me something harry why did someone hit you"

"I was sticking up for a friend"


"shall we go watch the movie now?"

"ya sure"

we dropped the subject and walked out into the main room again where the boys had there faces stuffed in the nandos.

"Julia yrawe  weir!" Zayn trying to say julia your here with his mouth full, how cute. He dropped his and ran over picking me up and twirling me in a circle.

"nice to see you to zainy haha"

"well it's great to see you know come eat."

we all sat around the table and dug in.. there was an awkward silance then Niall spoke up

"so hows that a-hole bf of yours"

harry nugged him in the stomache


the boys stared intently at me waiting for my answer especially harry

"well for one hes not an arse ni and good i guess"

"peachy" he muttered and said something i couldn't here under his breath.

what is his problem lately?

after dinner the boys went and sat down fighting over what movie to watch. I stayed back in the kitchen with Zayn to clean up the dishes.

"sorry about Niall hes just been a bit pissy lately its nothing personal"

i nod and smile. he walks away and i finish cleaning. when im done i walk into the room trying to find a spot to sit.

i hear someone clear there throat and look in there direction. It was Harry patting the spot next to him to sit. I quickly smile and sit next to him snuggling up to his chest just like we did when we were kids.

"what are we watching" i said whispering into his ear

"toy story Liam got to pick" he said whilst smirking his infamous smirke

i giggled and grabbed a blanket from the ground since it was cold.

soon i found myself lest interested in the movie , listening to Harry's  steady heartbeat i slowly started to drift off ..  


Nialls POV

I don't know how Harry could even look at Jewls and not feel guilty about not telling her . I know i would've told her by now, but i also know that Harry cares about her to much to let anything happen to her. Just by the way he looks at her.. It was so cute. I wish i could find a girl... Not jewls obviously.. she was attractive but she was like my sister. Then i remebered her friend Brown hair and beutiful eyes, the day we met Jewls for the very first time in mcdonalds she was there. I could tell from right then i was hooked. I had to see that girl again.. Maybe i could get jewls to set us up.


Harry POV

As Julia cuddled up to me for warmth i couldn't help but smile, everything just felt so right. Every now and then id look down at her. Soon she was passed out cold on my chest. She was adorable when she slept. Looking so perfect and innocent.

"and that my friends is true love"

i shot daggers at louis who had made the previous comment

"come on mate its true" now zayn was speaking

i just looked back down at Julia who was still sleeping .. thank god

'Theres no shame in it lad" liam said giving me a sympathetic look

"and she cares about you to mate. She was so worried about you today beggin me to tell her who had hurt you, ofcourse i didn't tell her  that it was her own bf"

"it's just hard"

"we know mate"

everyone started to get up and headed to there separate rooms. Not having the heart to wake Julia up i carefully picked her up bridal styles carrying her to my bedroom. I softly set her on the bed and tucked her in. Then i slipped into only my boxers and crawled in beside her. I cautiously put my arm around her and fell into a deep sleep.


Julia's POV

I woke up in a warm bed ,Then memories from last night came back. We had been watching the movie and i had fallen asleep on harry i guess oops... The i remembered waking up and hearing a conversation i obviously wasn't supposed to here.

'Theres no shame in it lad" i had heard liam say. but what had they been talking about? Then i heard Niall speak


"and she cares about you to mate. She was so worried about you today beggin me to tell her who had hurt you, ofcourse i didn't tell her  that it was her own bf" 

"it's just hard"

"we know mate"

It all made sense now..... it had been Jay that hurt Harry, thats why  Jay's stomach had been hurt this morning... I didn't know who to be made at.. Harry or Jay? I just needed an explanation. But Harry said that he was sticking up for a friend? what did that mean? I was left there thinking for a bit but then i felt harrys arm tighten around me a bit

"Morning Jewls" he said with a very tempting morning voice

"morning... uh harry?"


"could you remove your arm please"

"oh uh sorry i didn't uh"

"it's fine"

i turned around and faced him his hair disheveled and eyes bright. but still bruised i frowned at the thought that anyone could have hurt my best friend

"what wrong"

i cuddled back into his chest and he wrapped his arms around my waist as we lay there

"why didn't you tell me it was Jay that had hurt you?" i looked up to him his eyes wide with shock

"how did you.."

"i heard Niall say it last night"

"is that all you heard?" he asked brows furrowed


he let out of a sigh

"i guess i didn't want to tell you because i just didn't want you to get mad"

"i wouldn't have been mad at you haz but tell who through the first punch"



"he uh was making fun of oour band..."



JUST then the rest of the boys ran into the room

"well well what do we have here" niall said with a smirk on his face"

"Harry are you in bed with my wife! get out get out!" 

Harry raised his hands in surrender and hoped out of the bed laughing. Just then did i notice that he was only wearing boxers. My eyes widened had he been like that the whole time?

"haha oh love he always sleeps like that don't be surprised. come on get ready we have class soon"

" right uh can i just have a quick shower?"

"yup" said liam as they all left the room."

"i found a open bathroom and went in stripping down and getting in the shower to wipe of yesterdays grime." 

i wrapped a towel around me and peeked out the door seeing if anyone was there. There should be a extra pair of clothes in my bag . when the coast was clear i quickly tiptoed back to harrys room. I started to get dressed and had my undies on when Harry barged into the room

"harry! close your eyes!" he was just standing there wide eyed as i stood there almost naked but then he quickly covered his eyes

"oh uh sorry i just uh came to see if you needed a shirt our something"

i huffed seeing as there wasnt another shirt in my bag

"that would be great actually"

still covering his eyes he walked into his closet and grabbed one of his v necks and sweaters and threw them at me. I quickly put the shirt on and finished putting my jeans back on

"you can open now"

i slowly uncovered his eyes 

"sorry bout that... i shouldve knocked"

"no it's my fault its your room"

"right well shall we head to class?"

"we shall" i grabbed the rest of my stuff slipped Harry's sweater over my head and walked out the door and headed back to campus.




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