Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


14. Monday Morning

Harrys POV

It was early and i was heading to the drama building. The teacher of the class had asked the band if we would join there production saying it would help the hype and fund the school. We all agreed anything to help a good cause. We were early so we were reading over the script.  I was to play a character called chris, he apparently was in love with the main character the whole time her trusted best friend. they were in love until the lead came back into her life and he was left behind...... Kind of sad if you ask me, but hey its not my play, and at least i get to kiss whoever the lead is ;) you can take the player out of the game but you cant take the game out of the player. Niall was playing my best mate, louis was the joker, liam was the royal helper and zayn was the the drunken homeless guy hahahah. We stayed back stage and we heard students coming in just then Jay from the wanted joined us back stage. i didn't know he was in this play?

"i didn't know you lads were going to be in this production"

"the teacher just called"

"oh well thats great always nice to have more people"

"so i take it you are playing the lead then jay?" i say with a stern face

"yes and which one of you lovely lads will be playing chris?"

"that would be me"


after that erm..... awkward conversation we were called out on the stage and people clapped. 

then the teacher called me jay and the girl playing Isabella on to stage.

 when she turned around i was shocked.. It was Julia.

I was going to have to kiss Julia.......



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