Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


10. Jaylia

after dinner i got a txt from Jay asking to meet him at his place to read over lines.i replied yes and started to get ready. i touched up my makeup and threw on some jeans with a tank. then i got another txt saying

"great! my address is 726 Greenwich apartment 2c see ya soon :)"

i quickly finished up grabbed my bag which had the script in it. i hoped in a taxi and went to the address.

I saw Niall as i walked in he smiled and waved at me and i did the same back. but why was he here? i continued up to Jays apartment 

i knocked on the door and Jay opened up.

'hey' i smile

"hey come in"

it was a nice apartment, but there was one thing out of place where were the rest of the band?

"wheres the rest of your mates?"

'they went to the movies i already saw it so i thought it would be the perfect time for us to run lines because well the play will be here in no time'

"oh ok great so where do you want to start?"

"well after the scene from today?"


we start reading through the scene which was near the end when eric confesses his love to Isabella

"you know ive loved you ever since i layed eyes on you when we were little"

'but eric'

"shh dont talk just let me try something"(has his finger on my lips)

he starts to lean in because thats how it goes in the play i didnt know we were doing this part but i just went with it. we both leaned and and kissed. then instead of ending like it normally would have it kept going. It became more passionate and deep then we both finally broke it off

"er uh sorry about that..." he said while scratching the back of his head looking embarrassed

' don't worry about it, its fine really'

because hell that was a pretty good kiss! and idk maybe i kind of liked him 

"listen might aswell confess...... i kind of like you"

he what?? umm omg Julia think think what do you say??? well you do kind of like him so might aswell tell him

"well i guess  i kind of like you to"

he smiles looking less awkward 

"so do you think we could go out some time?"

'id like that'

"great i can txt you the details some time then"

'k well i better get going its getting late....'

"right ya ill see you later"

he walks he to the door where he leans against the door post. i give him a little kiss on the cheek and leave.


Harrys POV

as im walking into our building i see Julia? thats odd why would she be here oh well i dont care. i continue to walk up the stairs and i see one of the guys from  the wanted just standing at his door way.. umm weird

"what you doing mate"

'oi sorry just thinking'

"right then ill leave you to it"

i continue up to our room 1d ironic eh and think julia, jay were they together? naw couldnt be shes well.. shes Julia?

i walk into the room and all the boys are sitting waiting for me

"oi what up lads?"


louis comes jumping into my arms

"louis i thought we were going to be serious" niall whined

" right uh yeah we need to have a serious talk Harold come sit"

"what are you talking about?"

we all sit on the couches 

"we want to know what happened with you and Julia"

"we hate eachother thats all"

"that is certainly all now" (says louis in a sassy voice)

"fine you see me and Julia used to be bestfriends back in high school... before one direction and all of this"

they all gasp

"as i was saying ya. i used to like her... but i never told her.. but then i starting working on this project with this girl called taylor she told me that Julia was using me and mocked me behind my back so i stopped talking to her and kind of started making fun of her and stuff because i was mad...."

"Harry thats terrible you cant do that!"

"well she said stuff about me so whats the differance!"

i argue not like she didnt do any thing she broke my heart thats why i started dating taylor they real reason i starting making fun of her was taylor said she made-out with one of my best mates will it crushed me so i got mad and till this day im still mad and angry.

"but mate did you ever think to ask Julia if any of it was true?"-niall

"nialls right harry this taylor girl could have lied just to get you"-zayn

"i never thought about that..."

"well maybe you should have cuz yesterday she was crying in the bathroom because of what you said."

i felt a pang of guilt deep down. then i remembered all those times i had before.

"what have i done" i whisper what i thought was quite but the boys obviously heard

"you need to apologize"-liam

"but how?"

"im sure you will figure it out"

just then i got an idea

"ive got it! you know how we are working on songs for the new album?"

"yea" -all 4

"well when we were still friends i kind of wrote a song about her.. i still have it i think it would be perfect for the album"

"right then go get it"-zayn

i ran into mine and louis room and dug through my suit case until i came across my old song book i grabbed it and walked back into the room

"right then niall get your guitar, we've got a song to make"


*****AUTHORS NOTE******* 

hope you liked it :)

do you ship Jaylia or no?

What song do you think it is?





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