Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


22. Harrys Plan

Harrys POV


I loved taking pictures with fans it made me so happy to give just a small thing in return for our everything. That one brunette was something to. When i took my picture with her she motioned for me to bend down to her height so i did. then she leaned in and whispered in my ear

"i like that girl and i can tell you like her to... you two would be cute so do everyone a favor and go after her!" i looked at her and smiled and simply said. "ill do my best" That was the spark i needed the hope the faith from other fans and confrontation that it was me she was meant to be with. Now i just had to win her over. And that would have to mean pissing people off in the process. We continued to walk to class and when we arrived we were informed that today we were doing a dress rehearsal.... Time to make my move we all went back stage and got our costumes. Me and Niall dressed in what i guess kings wore back then (since it was to take place back then). Liam came out in bassically the same attire but the shoulders our his robe were puffed out . Zayn came out in ripped pants and a ripped shirt looking like a homeless person.. which was perfect because he was playing one haha. 

"wheres louis?" niall asked. we all looked around but nope he wasn't around

"i'am not coming out!" 

"lou come out here right now you can't look more ridiculous than me" zayn said and once again we all laughed at his ripped clothing.


"boo bear please for me"

"UGH FINE BUT ONLY FOR YOU MY LOVE" He said in a dramatic giggle

then out came louis with a wacky hat tights and a crazy top. We all burst out laughing and Niall fell to the ground 

"whats the commotion over here guys" Julia walked into our room in a purple gown my jaw hit the floor and everyone was silent taking in her beauty Her hair was pinned up in the back and a thick gold headband placed on top of her head with a single ringlet on the side of her face. 

"They were mean to me julie they laughed" louis said running over to her and hugging on to her legs.

"whats with all you guys you look as if you saw a ghost?" she said looking puzzled

"'y, you look  breathtakingly beautiful jewls" i said knocking myself out of my trance

she blushed a deep red

"why thank you haz" 

our moment was ruined when mr a hole himself walked in the room

"wow babe you look hot, come on we are wanted on stage" he grabbed her by the waist and led her to the stage. But not with out looking back at me and smirking.

They started the dress rehersal it was sickening to watch jay and julia on stage i wanted to rip his head off the whole time but soon it was finally over and time for a break. After it would be my turn. But now i had to talk to mrs R. i walked over to her.

"Mrs R may i have a word"

"of course harry right this way, Students ill be right back"

we went back to her office and sat down

"so what can i do for you harry?"

"well i know its really last minute but i was thinking.... Why does prince charming in the end get the girl why can't it be the underdog"

"you do have a point there Harry, to tell you the truth i have been thinking about it to.. and seeing as everyone does like an underdog... i will have to talk to julia about it but i think its a great idea!"

"thats fantastic, i even have a song that would be perfect to put at the end of the play if you wish me and the boys could sing it"

"That would be delightful alright ill just have a word with julia and after we practice the two of your's scene we can get started on the alternative ending."

i thanked her and walked back to the boys. 

"what was that all about haz" niall said looking confused

"getting some extra credit lad" louis said wagging his eyebrows

"no louis! you know who i like and just making some suggestions.... for the play" they let it alone and soon the brake was done and time for the sceneid been waiting all day for.

Again we started off in the meadow scene we sat on the ground and say in the grass looking at the 'stars' and talking then i start my lines 


"izz theres something i havn't been honest about all these years"

"what is it chris" she said turning to face me

"i'm in love with you i have been for a long time now i've just been to scared to tell you"

"chris .i i ilove you to"


"yes" i look at her lips and i lean in for the kiss. Kissing her soft lips mad me crave more i kissed her again deepening it sparks flew, nothing felt more right than this and she went along with it but then someone called scene

"well uh great job for today everyone tomorrow we will be making some changes."

i  got up from the ground and held out a hand for Julia to get up and she smiled and took it. But then i looked up at Jay who had his arms crossed and looked... verryyy pissed off. great. i looked back to jewls

"well see you in vocals jewls"

"right uh ya see you later haz"

and with that me and the boys left there was an awkward silence until niall spoke up

"so that uh was quite a kiss lad"

"yup" was all i could say. and with that we went for lunch and headed to vocals where the next stage of my plan was about to unfold. 

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