Still the one

I hate him i've hated him since he made my life a living help in high school. you see harry used to be my best friend... that's before he started dating her. i lost my best friend. i used to feel sad but that all ended when he started picking on me then it turned to pure hatred i swore never to ave feelings for him again or even see him again. Tha'ts before he became famous.... that's before he showed up at my university.... Now maybe things have changed?


16. Flashbacks

Harry's POV

Sparks flew all my past feelings for jewls rushed back hitting me like a train all the memories coming back it felt like i had just woken up and gotten my memories back



Me and jewls were lying in the middle of the football field watching the clouds because we both had a spare. I looked over at her. She was smiling and watching the sky sun hitting her face perfectly making her look as if she was glowing i smiled to myself i didn't know how i got so lucky to have such a beautiful bestfriend. I loved her i always had i couldn't admit it though i knew she didn't feel the same. All my friends told me i should just tell her... maybe this was the time.

" Do you ever regret not telling a person something and then wonder how things would’ve turned out if you had told then in the beginning?

Julia:Well i guess ya

"if you could go back and tell a person one thing what would it be."

Julia:Well maybe id go back to the time where you wore a Scooby doo suit for Halloween and tell you it was absolutely ridiculous ouch

'hurtful  jewl’s  i thought i looked fantastic (pretending to look hurt)"

Julia;Oh you know im joking haz we both know you looked great... so what about you?"

" id go back and tell my best friend that im......." i couldn't finish as that stupid girl taylor who had done her best at every second to flaunt her chest. i  never paid attention though because it was Julia it had always been her.




someone was snapping there fingers at my face. i blinkind and saw a wild Niall 

"err sorry ii was uhhh... thinking'

"for 15 minutes come on mate its time to go class is over"

"right okay"

i looked around all the boys were giving me a questioning looks.

"you all right mate?"

"ya lets go"


Julias POV

It was vocals now. me and Jay had walked and joined up with the rest of his group he wrapped his arm around my waist it instantly threw me into a memory

*flash back*

all right you to get together"

"mom your gonna make us late" i whine

"its fine jewls we've got loads of time"

'harrys right now get together and let me take a picture"

i groan and walk over to harry, he grabs my waist and pulls me into his side

"now smile you to"

i smile and she takes the picture

"awe that is so cute you two ill be putting this on the mantel."

it was year ten and Harry asked me as a friend to go to the semi formal with him i agreed because its not like anyone had asked me. He had picked me up and after my mum took loads of pictures we got in his car and left for the dance

"you look great by the way"

i couldn't help but blush

"you look quite good yourself haz'' 

he flashed a cheeky grin

we danced the night away it was a great night

**end of flash back****

i blinked out of my trance and as if right on cue harry walked through the door. I flashed a wary smile to him which he returned. 

"alright class now the boys will reveal there top 3 that will go to our open finales, boys come up here and tell us your selections."

the boys walked up and stood on the stage.

" from our team we choose Julia, Cynthia and Gwen" me and Gwen both hugged and squeled

"and from ours amy Jake and Jenna"

we all hugged because the three of us had gotten in

"alright so for the top three your challenge is to face someone from the other team and sing a song by one of the two groups whoever is better will win and move to the finals. So boys say the people you want to face off ok the wanted pick your first group"

"we choose Jenna and julia" jay says winking in my direction, i just smirk because i know jenna is good but i think with hard work i can beat her.

"we choose jake and Gwen"

"so that leaves amy and cynthia so now join up and pick your songs"

we all picked or songs then left. we picked more than this.

I briskly walked out of the class i had to much on my mind. everything with with harry and that kiss.... and Jay and ugh i just needed to sort things out.


**************authors note*************************]

hope you like this :s sorry it took so long to post i ve been really busy.

so do you guys like the flashbacks or no? comment your answer. leave me comments and like and fave :) will post again soon



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