A Broken Heart

A broken heart is what I have shattered and torn. Like a mirror when it is broken it does not mend.


1. A Broken Heart

A broken miror is my heart

You shattered and tore it apart

Now I know not what to do

How can I stop loving you


When the mirror is broken

Never can it be fixed

I can still remember

My greatest fear


It was hard to put aside

To not just focus on you

Not to confide in you

Let you break my heart into


Voices are calling my name

Never changing just waiting on you

I never realized what you did to me

You do not need to be sad


This could all turn around

Just so you and I

Can be happy once again

My mirror will not br torn


Apart again

I can not let my mirror

Be dark and cold again

We have to spend some time apart


The light I have to see

So I can look at the view

A mirror is crystal and clear

It has no scratch at all


You are wonderful

Inside and out

Those things are what made me

Fall in love with you


To think that I could see

I never thought I would

I will find one thing

A mirror of my heart

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