falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


11. the flat

i was now standing in front of Niall's flat deciding if i actually wanted to knock.

but i finally just grew a pair and knock on the wood door 3 times before it swung open revealing a half naked Niall.

" you know you shouldn't answer the door in a towel its dangerous" i said jokingly

he chuckled and let me in i took a seat on his couch looking around his flat looked different from the last time i saw it. there was more furniture it was nicer seemed bigger. Niall came and placed a glass on the table in front of me

"What brings you here?" he asked me. "I wanted to apologize for Brooke." I told him. "its alright, she and I haven't been on good terms since we broke up." he started. "Yeah, ive noticed"i mumbled

we again sat in silence "Niall i wanna talk about last night" i said trailing on

he then frowned " im really sorry i shouldn't have done that even though i new you had a boyfriend" he said in his accent

" Niall to be honest we weren't actually official he never asked me to be his girlfriend so " i trailed off

he looked up when i said that in wide eyes

he soon started to lean in "Niall what are you- before i could finish i felt his lips on mine and i just felt like i needed to kiss back it felt so right i don't know why it just did

when he pulled away i pulled his face towards mine and kissed him once again he didn't kiss back at first but then when he realized what was happening he started to get into it

finally i pulled away i placed my hands on his shoulders and he had his hand on my waist

i looked into his eyes and i felt the tears ready to come out of mine

" why are you crying love" he whispered

" cause i don't know what to do " i whimpered

" i love you Niall i really do but i just don't know cause i really like Finn and i just don't know " i said he looked at me straight into the eyes and sighed "anjelika please just give me a chance i love you so much you don't even have to tell anybody we can just try it please " he pleaded "please" he said again waiting for me to answer i nodded and peck his lips and cuddled into him

he then pulled away "whats wrong " i asked

" i forgot something " he sighed i bit my lip

"will you be my girlfriend " he asked nervously

" yes" i said standing up and hugging him

Brook's P.O.V

When Anjelika left i called her right away. Every time i got her voice mail. i would just keep trying

it was now 12:00  and jack had to pry the phone from my hands and make me go to bed.

i was about to fall asleep but i heard door open and looked at who it was i was suspecting anjelika but it was only jack

" you alright love" he asked  i sighed "yeah i just miss anjelika" i said and as i said that i heard the phone ring i jumped up and ran to it answering it

"hello" i said into the phone

" um hi its me i was just gonna tell you im staying at Niall's" said my sister

" um okay when will you be home" i said

" um tomorrow morning " she said

" alright well before you go i just wanted to say i missed you" i said trying not to cry

" i missed you to ill see you tomorrow okay well i got to go bye" she said sincerely

" okay bye" i said hanging up the phone and going back to bed

when i walked jack was already in my bed snoring lightly i chuckled at the sight and climbed into the bed i pecked his cheek and turned off the light.

laying down i pulled the covers over my body and shut my eyes trying to get sleep but all i could think about was anjelika and Niall and the whole thing that has happened

"Jack," I whispered. He moaned. "Where's Finn?" I asked. "Probably in the living room, waiting for Anjelika." he answered. I felt so bad for Finn. Out of no where I felt the tears pour down my face. "What's wrong love?" Jack asked. I could her the worry in his voice. "I.. Just... Well... Anjelika is cheating on Finn!" I just finally spat out. By now I was bawling. "what?" he asked. "It was probably just a dream." he offered. He didn't believe me. "No! It is she's with Niall now!" I told him. "It's alright love, we can deal with it in the morning." jack said. I mumbled a "yes" and tried to sleep.
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