falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


4. meeting jack harries

anjelika's pov

" um hi love i bumped into you earlier i was wondering if you are alright" he said

"um oh no that wasn't me that was my twin sister Brooke " i said

"oh twin i have a twin two let me introduce you to him" he said quickly

i nodded and soon he came back with a boy who looked just like him.

"hi im finn" he said slowly in a British accent

"hi finn im anjelika " i said shaking his hand

we just stared at each other then i was knocked out of my trans  " um well do you know where your sister is" said jack i nodded and pointed to where she was he nodded nad thanked me walking in her direction

brook's p.o.v

i felt someone  tap on my shoulder and i turned around

"um hi do you need help" i said shyly

"um i was talking to your sister and i thought that it was you and i just wanted to know if you were alright when i bumped into you earlier" he said

" oh um i am fine oh but by the way my name is brook " i said with a small smile

" hi brook i am jack.jack harries" he said in a brittish voice

" oh thats cool so im guessing you make youtube videos" i said calmly

"yeah i do how about you " he said

" yeah i do me and my sis make a bunch of diffrent types of videos"

he nodded "so do you live in london or did you jsut travel here "

"um me and my sister bought a flat here in london cause we are going to uni here " i said

" oh really were going to uni soon and we live in london too" he said

we had a whole conversation and we had so much in common

Angelika's p.o.v

when jack left me and Finn to talk we had a chat for a while and we had almost most things in common

and apparently they lived really close to our flat i might have to invite him over for tea.

me and finn decided to get something to eat so i took the keys and we drove to a little cafe that we found

we were almost finished when my phone started buzzing


b:hey i have 2 questions

a:k shoot

b:um okay first one is where are you? and second one is can jack come over for tea you could bring his brother

a: okay well me and Finn were hungry so we are eating at this little cafe and also sure um can you drive with jack and ill take Finn or do you want me to drive back?

b: um okayy and yeah i will take jack

a: okay ill talk to you later then bye


we hung up and i told Finn the plan and he agreed.

when we pulled up to our flat i unlocked the door and saw jack and brook snogging i started to wolf howl and so did Finn and they pulled away i could see the blush

brooks p.o.v

when i pulled up to my sister and I's flat when i opened the door i called out anjelika's name but there was no answer

"so what should we do while we wait" i asked jack

" um i think i have an idea" he said coming closer soon i felt something on my lips  i was kinda shocked at first but then i kissed back we were snogging for minute or two but then i heard wolf howl and i pulled away i saw my sis smirking at me sending me a 'omg what just happened' look and i shot her a 'tell u later ' look

i felt my cheeks blush and then i looked at jack who was blushing

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