falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


14. leaving horan in the dust

anjelika's pov

it has been a couple of months since the whole incident  happened with Niall. Brooke and jack were still going out she had told jack about the kiss with Niall and jack took ti well he was fine with it and they are still going strong.i would always try to text finn or call him but he would never answer .


"anjelika get up you have been moping around for to long and i will not stand to see it " she said pulling my bed covers off of my body leaving me cold

" no i dont feel like getting up" i mumbled "well you are going to have to  cause we are going to go shopping" she cheered i groaned going shopping with brooke was stress full cause she spent hours and hours buying things


i sighed cause i knew that i wouldnt win i picked out an out fit and  went to shower.


brookes pov

while anjelika was in the shower i went out to the living room and grabbed my phone and dialed finns number


b: hi its brooke could you maybe meet at our flat with jakc its important i dont know what to do anjelika locked her self in the bath room and wont come out im scared finn. i started pretend crying

f:okay im on my way just keep trying to get her out

B:okay i sniffled

when we hanged up i smirked this would be perfect.

anjelikas pov

i didnt want to go anywhere so i locked my self in the bathroom hoping my sister would forget about me.

i looked in the mirror my hair was a mess i had bags under my eyes and you could see the bones popping out. ever since the thing happened with niall and finn i havent ate or slept i havent done anything but sit in my room all day and sometimes i would go to the park and sit there for hours when brooke wasnt home.

tears started building up in my eyes seeing how much this affected me amd how much i missed him.

i soon broke out into sobbs and was cradled on the floor

i soon heard banging on the door and i heard a fimiliar voice " anjelika its finn please open up " he was here he was really here who called him probably brooke


" it wont matter if i open the door you still wont love me you still wont forgive me it doesnt matter you hate me " i siad begining to sob more

"anejlika please open the door if i didnt care about you then i would have never came please i forgive you i do love you " he said it was quiet for a second but i heard hims ay please agian

i slowly got up and opened the door and came face to face with him

he looked me up and down like i had made a dramatic change

he ran his fingers slowly on my collar bone that stuck out


"your so skinny now have you eben eating " he said sounding concerned

"no " i whispered "im sorry about what i did it was a mistake " i said louder so he could hear


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