falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


3. at vidd conn

brook's point of view

when we arrived i hoped out of the car so quick anjelika did the same.

we were almost running there.

we were just so excited. when we were crossing the street i ran there almost not looking where i was going obviously bumping into something or when i looked up something.

" i am so sorry " i said grabbing the things that had fallen out of my bag.

" its alright love" said a voice but i was to busy picking up my things to notice

i quickly got up and looked at who i bumped into

" u alright love" he said again

i recognized him " um yeah im fine" i said

" alright well i have to get back to my brother maybe ill see you later " he said in a cute British accent.

wait cute? i just met him

i nodded and gave him a small smile.

i walked back to anjelika to see her wink at me i new that she saw what happened

"shut up" i said she just smiked.

we walked in to see a bunch of people

anjelika's point of veiw

i cant believe brooke just talked to jack harries they looked so cute together

me and brooke went looking for some youtube friends. i found a couple of mine and she found a couple of hers. i walked up to them and started some conversations.

we were talking when i felt someone tap on  my shoulder i turned around to fid the one and only jack  harries

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