falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


8. at the club

anjelika's pov

stepping out of the taxi i searched for Finn

when i spotted him i walked to him.

we hugged and i walked into the club turning my head to catch a glance at my sister and jack

when we were in the club i soon found my self dancing with Finn

when we took a break i entwined my hands with Finn's and we walked to a booth but soon i bumped int someone

when i looked up it was the blond Irish cutie

"niall" i screamed jumping up into his arms

" i missed you " he whispered into my ear i pulled away remembering that Finn was standing there

" Finn this is niall hes my best friend and niall this is Finn i leaned in and whispered "my crush " i said

he chuckled

you are probably wondering how i know niall well i was best friends with him

even though he went out with my sister and they just broke up before we moved to London

but i don't know why because he lives in London now 

" okay niall well give me a call i have to go find my sis and jack " i said he nodded and i walked off with Finn

we weren't actually gonna find them. me and Finn were sitting in a booth  i was sipping the drink

soon i found my self leaning and and so was we

soon i felt his lips on mine and my stomach felt like a million butterflies flying around

it was amazing

Finn had gone to the washroom so i sat in my booth alone till i saw my blond Irish friend walking ti my table he came and sat next to me

he pulled into my lap i giggled "niall what are you doing " i said i think i might be a little tipsy but not enough to not know the difference between right and wrong and i think this is leading to something bad niall was my best friend and i know he wouldn't do anything bad

soon i felt his hand on my thigh " you know your so beautiful and you wanna  know something else " i nodded " i love this girl named anjelika shes my best friend but don't tell her " he said giggling i think he was drunk 

" niall your drunk don't you don't love me " i said shaking my head

" i am not drunk i only i had one drink thank you very much" he said nodding his head

" you know your pretty maybe you should be be my girlfriend " he said i giggled

" niall i have a boyfriend " i said standing up he stood up to and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body


"no listen i have been waiting all these years please at least give me a kiss " he said leaning in

"niall i cant i have a boyfriend "

he didn't get to reply because somebody shoved him off

when i looked it was Finn

"Finn stop " i said and he got off of niall

niall got up " what ever your sister Brooke is more fun" and with that he walked out

i don't remember much about the rest of the night all i remember is finn taking me to home


brookes pov

me and jack were dancing but soon we were tired so we went to go search for anjelika and finn when we saw them in a booth they were snogging so we turned around to find another booth

we were now seated

" can i tell you something" jack said i nodded

he put his hand on my cheek caressing it slowly

" i think your the most beautiful thing in the world " he said

i laughed " are you drunk" i asked he shook his head no and i stopped laughing

"jack - i said but was soon cut off by his soft lips

we moved in sync till he pulled away "don't deny it okay " i nodded and soon i felt his lips on mine

i felt butterflies exploding in my stomach

soon we pulled away cause i heard my name being called

i turned around to see niall

oh shoot.

this was not gonna turn out well

" niall what are you doing here " i said trying to sound polite

" oh me and and the lads came here to party " he answered shyly

"oh well niall this is jack and jack this is niall"  they shook hands and me niall and jack were now talking niall was flirting with me and i could feel jack tense up

Niall pulled me onto his lap and was flirting with me even more. He ran his hand up under my shirt. I slapped his hand. Luckily Jack didn't see. Niall kept touching me and it pissed Jack off.

jack finally gets pushed off the edge when niall touches my thigh

he stands up and niall stands up too and all  of a sudden jack a attacks niall and now they are in a full fist fight

" niall jack stop please" they both stop and look at me " jack can you take me home please

he stands up and i help him out of the club leaving niall in the hands of the rest of the boys



when we got home i saw finn and anjelika cuddled and sleeping on the

i brought jack to the bath room and helped him clean the cuts.

anjelika came in rubbing her eyes i think she heard all the screaming jack wash doing while i was cleaning him up

" it sounds like someones dieing " she said in a sleepy voice

" i know sorry niall and jack got into a fist fight and we came home so i could help him" i said leavign out the details of niall flirting

" omg really finn and niall almost got into a fight because niall was flirting with me and saying he loved me or something so we left " she said

i nodded and she said she was going to get ready for bed

when i was finished helping jack clean up i told him he could stay the night because i really didnt want him to drive at this time of night in the condition he is in.





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