You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


9. The First Night


[Max's POV]

I knocked on the door of room 283, and heard a british voice ask "Who is it?"

"It's me, Max," I answered.  The door opened, and standing there with his hand on the door knob was Harry.  I smiled at him, trying to make the stupid butterflies in my stomach die down.  He motioned me to come in, and quickly closed the door shut behind me.  When I walked into the suite, I noticed how big it was! There were so many rooms-- it actually felt like a largish apartment. I saw Taylor sitting on a bed, and she sprung up when she saw me and hugged me lightly.

"Was it hell getting up here?" she asked worriedly, holding my hands. 

"Nah, it wasn't that bad," I replied honestly. 

"Oh ok good.  Don't want you to go through so much trouble... Let me show you to your room, Max," Taylor said as she led me to an open door.

"Ok," I replied while following her.  My room was a pretty decent size! There was nothing to complain about.  I had what looked like a queen bed, a mini refrigerator stocked with snacks and sodas, a flat screen TV, my own little bathroom, and best of all, a great view of the city. "Thanks Tay!" I said, giving her a hug.

"No problem Maxie," she said with a wink.  "I'm gonna get some shut eye. See you in the mornin!"


Taylor left the room with a smile and closed the door behind her, leaving me with some privacy.  I took this time to open my suitcase and and get my toiletries and pajamas out. Once I was done brushing my teeth, putting my hair in a messy bun, slipping into my pajamas and plugging in my phone, I went to my bed and tried to fall asleep.  Of course I couldn't... 

Instead I went and looked out the big window and sat on the window sill, admiring the view and the glittering lights of the city below me. It was so beautiful.  Just then I felt a hand slip on to my shoulder. I was really startled and looked quickly behind me.  I saw a tall curly haired figure.

"Oh, Harry, you scared me," I whispered, holding my hand to my chest, catching my breath.

"Sorry, love," he said apologetically.

"It's ok.  What are you doing up so late?" 

"Can't sleep... You?"


He sat next to me on the window sill and gazed upon the gorgeous city.  

"So beautiful, isn't it?" I whispered.

"Yeah, it is," Harry whispered back,  "just like you."

I glanced up at him.  He was still staring out the window, but when he noticed my stare, looked down upon me.  I looked into his eyes, and he looked back into mine.  He smiled at me, and I started blushing.

There was nothing to say.

I scooted closer to him and rest my head upon his chest, and wrapped my arms around his torso.  Without hesitation he wrapped his own arms around my back and lay his head on top of mine.  I felt his lips kiss the crown of my forehead. 

Listening to his slow breathing and the gentle thump of his heart beat made me sleepy, so I closed my tired eyes.

And fell sound asleep in his arms.


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