You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


3. Max

[Harry's POV]

I was in the VIP lounge, hanging out with Taylor before her concert.  She was a nice girl, yet I didn't know if she was the one yet.  I knew about her reputation for having so many boyfriends,  but it didn't matter to me.  She makes me happy, and that's all that counts for now.

"I love you," Taylor whispered in my ear.

"Love you babe," I replied, wrapping my arms around her.  

"Taylor?" a voice questioned behind me.  In my arms, I felt Taylor's body kind of slouch down at the sound of the voice.  But then she replied happily with "Max! Oh my god, I haven't seen you in forever!"  She must have a complicated relationship with this girl.   She left my grasp for a second.  I turned around, and looked in to the mystery girl's brown eyes.  Something about her seemed so familiar... As if I knew her in a past life or something...  I ignored this instinct, and smiled instead.  Taylor tells her about her new boyfriend- me. During all of this, I couldn't take my eyes off this girl.  She was very pretty, but not over the moon pretty; if you know what I mean.  Her eyeliner was a little off on the left side, and I could tell she didn't really care about impressing anyone.  I liked it.  

"Harry... Um... I'm Harry," is all I could manage in the moment.  She smiled back at me. "I'm Maxine. But you can call me Max," she said.  Is it just me or... Was she looking into my eyes. Not just looking at me, but looking into me.  Was she starstruck? Was she... Whatever.  

"Max... Max.." I thought the name over out loud, "Pretty name that is, suits you well, love," I said with a wink.  She blushed.  

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