You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


17. London

Harry's POV


The eleven hour or so flight to London didn't feel too long.  Max pretty much slept the whole time.  She rest her head against my chest and I played with the little strands of hair that didn't quite make it into her bun.  I protectively wrapped my arm around her back, my hand holding her hip slightly. I didn't get much sleep..

When we landed, I was forced to wake the peaceful Max up from her sleep.  Her eyes fluttered opened as she yawned and stretched her long limbs as far as she could.  I smiled and kissed her on the forehead before we boarded off the plane.  

"I gotta use the restroom.." Max muttered sleepily.

"Ok, love," I smiled.  She made her way over to the loo, and I took the opportunity to text the boys to tell them we were at Heathrow.  

[group message]

me: Hey mates we've arrived

Louis: All right! Niall and Zayn r on their way 2 u. black SUV

me: K

Niall: on my wayyy

Zayn: with Niall

Liam: can't wait to meet ur gf haz ;)

me: thx liam ;) 

me: guys b easy on her, k

Niall: of course!

Liam: you bet

Louis: totally

Zayn: 100%

Niall: btw zayn and I are here. in front of exit... b quick don't wanna draw attention. 

me: k

Max emerged from the bathroom door right when my conversation with the boys ended.  She strolled over to me at a quick pace. 

"Hey beautiful," I smirked, kissing her softly on the lips.

She grinned, and I pulled her body closer to mine, enough so that my head could bend down and my lips be at her ear. I kissed her right where her jaw met her neck, and could feel her body get little goosebumps all over.  I chuckled deeply, and my lips grazed her ear as I whispered "Put these on," handing her a pair of sunglasses.  She leaned back in order to take the glasses from my hands, and she slipped them on.

"Do I look ugly in these," she sighed.

"You never look ugly," I reassured her, holding her close to me. I could feel her cheeks get hot against my shoulder, and she hid her head cutely in the crook of my neck.  Her actions made me laugh slightly, and I felt her smile at my reaction.


Max and I didn't have any bags except for our carry-ons, so we swiftly made our way out of the airport. We both still had our sunglasses on, and for good reason.  After about five minutes of going out in the open of the airport, I saw camera flashes and girls following Max and I.  I grabbed Max's hand and held her close to my side as we walked among all of the fans and press, trying to keep our heads down.  I looked back at Max, and even through her dark shades I could tell her eyes held a little bit of fear.. And the way she walked indicated she was nervous.   She had never been through anything like this before.  

At last I saw the exit of the airport, and just as Louis and Niall said, there was a big black SUV waiting for Max and I right outside of the doors.  We walked at a face pace together, and as we approached the car, the door slid open just enough for us to slide in, closing right behind us.  Max blindly sat down on a leather seat as I scooted in next to her.  The black SUV immediately started up, and we drove away from the crowds and press.  

Removing my dark sun glasses, I ran my fingers through my curls and swooped them to the side.  My eyes then met familiar blue ones, and I instantly smiled-- Niall.  

"Hey mate," I laughed.

"Hey," he grinned.   

Zayn and Niall were both sitting in the seats in front of Max and I, making them riding backwards.

I looked over at a still mysterious looking Zayn, and smiled a toothy grin.

"Vas happenin?" I shouted softly.

Zayn smirked and said "Hey lad," a large smile creeping up on his face.  

Meanwhile Max was sitting awkwardly next to me..  I put my hand on her's, and she looked up at me affectionately-- brown eyes shining.  

"Lads? This is Maxine-- also known as Max," I spoke, kissing the top of her head softly.  

"Hey Max! I'm Niall," Niall gleamed, putting out his hand for her to shake.  She took his offer and shook it, blushing as she held his hand.  "Hi," she spoke shyly.  I never knew she was so shy-- she was so open around me.  

"Oh, Zayn," Zayn introduced himself, sticking out his hand as well as his face loosened up and smiled.  Max shook his hand as well, and blushed slightly.  

"How old are you, Max?" Niall questioned intently.  His elbows were placed on his knees and he leant over, interlacing his fingers with his own.

"Seventeen," she muttered, a bit louder than she had spoken before.  

"Pfft, your'e so young!" Zayn added, slapping his knee in amusement.  This caused Max's face to flush slightly and smile.  

I looked down upon her pretty face, and smirked to myself knowing that she was all mine.  

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the flat the boys and I decided to rent for the time being.   Quickly, Niall, Zayn, Max and I slipped into the flat with the bright blue door.  Niall found the keys and fumbled with them before he finally unlocked the door.  

As soon as we entered, my senses were penetrated with the aroma of chicken soup and toasted bread with butter.  

Sneaking up behind Louis and Liam, I looked over their shoulders and huskily commented "Mmm, that looks fantastic."

Liam and Louis turned around simultaneously, and exclaimed my name at the same time.  We gathered in a big hug.

"I've missed you!" Liam exclaimed wide eyed.  

"Me too!" Louis added.

A deep chuckle escaped from the back of my throat, and I quickly introduced Max to Liam and Lou.

"Nice to meet you, sweet heart," Liam cheekily said with a wink.  Max blushed, looked down at her feet smiling.

"Damn Harry, you've found yourself a good one," Louis smiled, observing Max intently.  This caused Max to blush impossibly redder, and shift on her feet a little bit. I could see under her colossal of hair that she was smiling crazily.  

Together, we all had a fantastic dinner of chicken soup and toast.  About half an hour we ate, Max and I decided to unpack our things and such.  We would be sharing a room-- which we both were secretly happy about.  Max slipped into her pajamas and brushed her teeth, muttering lyrics to a song as her toothbrush moved in and around her teeth.  This little event made me smile-- she was so cute.  

When we were both finished prepping for bed, we both slipped under the duvet.  Our body heat radiated off each other, creating a warmth under the sheets.  Max always has trouble sleeping, and I usually have to help her fall into peaceful unconsciousness.  Tonight, she rested her head against my chest, and I wrapped my arm around her back.  My chest rose and fell at the pumping of my lungs, and I could feel my heart beat against Max's head.  

At last she fell asleep, and I soon followed her into dreamland...  












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