You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


2. Him

[Maxine's POV]

I live in Los Angeles.  Taylor's concert was in San Diego.  She really wants me to meet her new boyfriend... She hasn't told me his name, or anything about him at all.  All I know is that he's from England.  I haven't seen Taylor in a year.  I wonder if she's changed at all... I hear on the news all the time about her many boyfriends.  I hope this one is a keeper.  Hopefully he'll make her happy. 


[2 years previous; Harry's POV]

"Max, Max!" tears streamed down my face, "don't leave me..." Her beautiful dark brown eyes glistened with tears.

"Harry, I don't want to leave you. I love you so much.  But long distance relationships don't work."

"Let me come with you.  Please..." I stepped closer to her.  She was so beautiful.  I couldn't imagine life without her.  She wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me with her plush pink lips.  I will never forget that kiss. She released her lips from mine, and leaned her head against my chest.  I held her, kissed her forehead, and stroked her gorgeous brown hair.  Her tears soaked through my shirt.  She looked at me with sadness on her face.  Her nose was red and her lips were trembling.  I kissed her once more.  

"Harry... I will never forget you.  You are my first real love, and now I know what all the fuss with love  is about.  Keep in contact?"

"Of course," I said, my voice choked on my tears.  She hugged me for the last time before she boarded the plane.  She smiled that priceless smile, and waved goodbye to me.  I waved as a tear rolled down my cheek.  That was the last I ever saw of her.   


[Today; Maxine's POV]

Finally, after hours in the car, I was at Taylor's concert.  This better be worth it...  I got out of the car, and immediately ran to the nearest bathroom-- my bladder was about to explode.  Right after, I went to the VIP lounge, and looked around.  I saw a blonde girl, about 5' 11", hugging a curly haired boy.  Must be Taylor and her new beau. 

"Taylor?" I said questioningly.

The girl turned around. "Max! Oh my god, I haven't seen you in forever!"  she said astonished.  'Probably cause you canceled every time we had a dinner plan...' I thought to myself.  "I know! I've missed you." I said with a half fake, half real smile.  Taylor's, I'm assuming new boyfriend, turned around.  His green eyes met mine, and something about him seemed... familiar.  He looked at me, and the corner of his mouth upturned into a little smile.

"Max, this is my new boyfriend I've been wanting you to meet!" Taylor squealed.  His brown hair was perfectly swooped to the side, and his curls bounced a little when he extended his hand to me.  "Harry... Um...  I'm Harry," he said with his british accent.


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