You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


4. Cheshire

[Maxine's POV]

It's Harry. Harry Styles.  From One Direction.  I listened to more indie music, but it was impossible to escape the news on One Direction.  Everywhere I went, even in Target, there are One Direction magazines, One Direction dolls, One Direction music, you get the point.  But more than any of the other boys, I always felt like I had a connection with Harry.  

"Max.. Max... Pretty name that is, suits you well, love," he said. Was I dreaming? Did Harry Styles think I was... Pretty? That was a first.  I quickly brushed away my excitement. I mean, he's Taylor's boyfriend-- not mine.  "Th-Thanks," I stammered, blushing.  

Just then,  Taylor's phone rang, and she had to go get ready for her show.  It was about to start.  Perfect time to get to know Harry a bit more.  I went and sat on the couch.  He followed my lead, and plopped down next to me. 

"So..." Harry said awkwardly.  I giggled in amusement, and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, looking away.  "What's so funny?" he asked innocently.

"Oh, I don't know.  Your accent I guess," I replied.  He smiled, and was now sitting so close our legs were touching.  Just then he yawned a big yawn, stretching his arms and wrapping his left arm around my shoulder when he was finished.  I could feel the heat rising into my face.  I knew from all the magazine's that Harry was the flirty one, but I never knew it was really true.  I looked up into his green eyes and-- wait.. what am I doing? Harry Styles is dating Taylor Swift, not Maxine Price.  

"What are you doing?" I asked.  


"You're dating Taylor, aren't you?"

"Yeah... And? I'm suddenly not allowed to socialize?" 

"No, I mean, it's just...  Putting your arm around another girl is kinda weird if you're dating someone..."

"Oh, uh, ok then," he said, removing his arm.  He seemed a little hurt.  The honest truth was, I liked his arm around me-- loved it in fact.  

"So, Max, tell me a little about yourself." 

"Well... I'm 17, a senior at Oakdale High School, I love singing and music in general... Um... Yea. You?" 

"Okay then. I'm Harry Styles, I'm 18, I'm constantly on tour, and I'm from Cheshire, England." 

"Cheshire? I went there two summers ago to visit my aunt."




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