You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


18. Breakfast

Max's POV


My eyes fluttered open as my vision slowly came into focus.  Harry's strong arm was protectively wrapped around me. My back was loosely pressed to his chest, and  I could feel the rise and fall of his diaphragm with his every breath.  The light beat of his heart made me feel so peaceful.. When I tried to get out of bed, Harry's arm subconsciously tightened and held me put.  Smirking, I turned myself around to face him.  His curls messily flopped on the pillow, and his long lashes lay atop his cheek bones.   He looked like an angel. I kissed his nose lightly, hoping it would loosen the grasp he had on me.  His nose twitched, and as I had hoped, his large hand rose up to his nose to rub it.  I took the chance to get up from bed.  

I popped up from the mattress, and Harry's arm flopped down onto the mattress.  He was obviously expecting a soft landing on my body.  A moan escaped from his lips as his eyebrows subconsciously knit into a frown. Taking the covers with him, he rolled over, making the mattress shake slightly. Back turned to the bed, I flung my top off and put on a fresh one.  Quickly, I slipped my pajama bottoms off and wiggled into some jeans. As I fastened  the little button and pulled up the zipper, I felt two large hands come and hold my hips.  

My breath hitched in my throat for a second as I closed my eyes and smiled with pleasure.  His curls brushed against my cheek as his lips planted soft kisses on my skin.  He started at my cheek and slowly left a trail down my neck, ending at my shoulder. I chuckled and blushed.  My hand found its way into his hair, and I ran my fingers through the soft curls. A little moan released from his throat as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. 

"Morning, beautiful," his muffled voice spoke, leaving a smiling kiss on my collarbone.  

"Morning," I giggled. Harry's large hands still held onto my hips.  Slowly, they wrapped around my torso, and he held me against him-- my back to his chest.  I don't know how long we stayed like that.. Soaking in each other's warmth and listening to one another's breathing.  But after a long time, I turned around to face my lover.  I looked into his green eyes, and pecked him on the lips shyly.  

Harry raised his eyebrow at me, and smirked. "That's it?" 

I laughed, and gave him a real kiss.  He held onto my back and dipped me down playfully-- our lips still connected.  Once we parted, I smiled and held on to his strong arms for support as he lifted me back up.

"I'm going to get some breakfast," I winked.

"K," he murmured as he put a shirt on.   

I excited the room and closed the door behind me. I walked down a little corridor,  and as I turned around, I saw Niall and Louis sitting on the couch in their pajamas.  They were watching the TV and drinking tea.

"Good morning," I smiled.

Niall and Louis turned their heads to face me.  A grin appeared on both of their faces at the sight of me.

"Good morning Max," they said in synchronization.  

"Eat anything yet?" 

"No..." Niall sighed.

I laughed, and started to make some waffles.  Once I had finished, I served the two hungry boys, and ate one myself.

"This is fantastic!" Niall said through full cheeks.

"I'm glad!" I chuckled. Meanwhile Louis happily munched away.  


Niall's POV


Louis, Max and I ate our waffles extremely fast.  They were amazing.  I looked up at Max's beautiful brown eyes, but was caught staring.  I blushed, and smiled nervously.  

"Delicious!" I said.  I suddenly felt air coming up through my chest, and as before I could do anything, I belched!!  Louis broke into laughter, and Max was holding her stomach laughing.  I laughed along with them.. I couldn't believe what I fool I was making of myself.. What a doof.

I wiped my mouth with napkin, and glanced over at Max.  She stifled one last small chuckle, and wiped away some tears of laughter.  I looked back down at my empty plate, and felt her gaze on me.  I looked back up, and as soon as she saw me, started laughing again. 

"It's just a burp!" I laughed.

"I know, I know," she breathed.  The heat started rising to my cheeks, and I looked away nervously..  Those damn butterflies were coming up in my stomach.  

"I'll take the dishes in," I offered.  Louis and Max both nodded.  Lou handed me his plate and raised his eyebrow at me.  He had a way of knowing.. Things. I widened my eyes at him to make him stop, and reached down to grab Max's plate.  Her bed-hair was messily framing her features, and her brown eyes glistened at me.  Her lips upturned at the corners a little bit, and I managed a little smile too.  Then she looked down, and looked back up at me awkwardly.. It was then that I noticed I had still not taken the plate from her hands, and was staring at her.  

"S-sorry," I chuckled, blushing even redder. Taking the plate from her grasp, I scurried off to the kitchen and stuck the dishes in the dishwasher.  Once they were loaded, I took a huge breath and leaned over the sink, my hands holding on to the sides.  

Just then I felt a large hand pat me on the shoulder.  I looked up and saw harry, smiling sleepily over me.  Once he saw my worried face, his grip on me tensed, and his eyebrows creased.

"You ok, mate?" he whispered.

"..Yea," I sighed.

His large hand patted my back, and he walked out.

There was no way I could compete with him..


Max's POV


Niall had gone to do the dishes, and Louis and I stared chatting.  He was super nice-- and really funny!  Just then, I felt two large hands run down my arms and hold on to my torso from behind me.  Soft curls touched my cheek, and I felt a pair of lips brush against my ear and nibble on my earlobe slightly.

"Hey again, love," Harry's husky voice whispered.  I felt my skin get goosebumps all over-- and I could tell Harry felt it too.  I closed my eyes and smiled.

"Hey," I said, kissing his dimples.  He climbed over the back of the sofa and sat down next to me, and patted his legs.  I gleefully got up and sat on his lap, leaning back into his warm toned chest.  His large arms wrapped around me, and he kissed my collar bone softly.  

The whole time Louis was smiling, and observing.  He cleared his throat to get Harry's attention.

"Oh, morning Lou!" Harry happily stated from around my shoulder.

"Haha, morning Haz," Louis smiled.

Suddenly, Niall walked in and sat down in a chair next to Louis.  He eyed Harry and I, and then smiled happily at us.  I grinned in his direction, and I saw his cheeks redden a bit.

Something was going on with him, and it made me nervous. I hated seeing him lost and clueless...  Just then Harry took hold of my hand and kissed the back of it.  I, still perched on his lap, turned my shoulders just enough so my lips could meet with his in a lovely, yet slightly awkward, kiss.  Giddy, I caught a glance of Niall from across the room.  He looked extremely tense and uncomfortable.  

"I'm gonna.. um.. go change out of my pajamas," Niall said, getting up.  He left the room, and all was silent.  Until we heard his door click shut.  


Author's Note:

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that my updating skills are so horrible! I've been extremely busy...  

Ok, well I hope you're still enjoying!  keep reading! I love hearing from you guys, so please comment, like, or favorite!  Ask me anything-- I love talking to you all :)

Thanks so much! and try and check out my other movella, "Change My Mind"!  


téa <3




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