You Were My Summer Love (A One Direction Fanfic)

17 year old Maxine has been best friends with Taylor Swift ever since they were in a high school band together. But when Taylor moves on with her career and becomes internationally known music star, she starts changing into a person Maxine didn't know at all.


12. Betrayal

[Harry's POV] 

Max cuddled into my chest and I stroked her long brown hair as we watched 'Love Actually.' It really is a fantastic movie-- but I never watched it when I was actually head over heals in love... Now this movie means so much more to me.  

If you've watched it, you'll know it ends with all these people hugging in an airport.  I love that last scene.  I hugged Max tightly and kissed her forehead.  The movie ended, and she grabbed the remote to turn the telly off.  

I felt her body go up and down with her breathing.  "I love that movie," she said.  

"Me too," I replied.  

Just then I noticed how dark it was outside, and the fact that Taylor had been gone for hours.

"Any word from Taylor?" I asked Max.

"Nope. Not a thing," she sighed.

I was getting hungry, and my stomach started to growl.  Max laughed in amusement and put her hand on my belly. I blushed in embarrassment.

"Wanna go out to eat somewhere?" she asked.

"...Yeah," I chuckled.  She got up, kissed my nose, and went to go get ready to leave.  I went to my dresser and threw on some suitable clothing, put some deodorant on, and a tiny bit of cologne.  When I was finished, I exited my bedroom and saw Max waiting for me by the door.  She was wearing a muscle-T, skinny jeans, Doc Martens, and had her hair in a cute bun.  She also had a little bit of makeup on.  In my eyes she looked gorgeous...

I smiled at her and she smiled back.  When I went to go kiss her cheek I smelled a little bit of perfume.  It smelled real good.  

Once we were downstairs in the lobby I put on my ray bans just in case we ran into any press.  Luckily we made it to my favorite Italian restaurant safely.  There was no wait needed, and we got to sit down immediately. 

Max and I shared a cheese pizza.. It was super delicious.  Was this... a date? I was wearing cologne, her perfume, she made herself look good, and so did I...  We were trying to impress each other..  I let the thought roll of and just enjoyed the rest of the night.  

By the time we were finished, it was 10:30.  We stayed at the restaurant for a while, just getting to know each other better.  We cracked a few jokes, and she was such a joy to be around-- and she was still as funny from two years ago.

We decided to walk home, and the whole time, we were laughing so hard.

"Oh.. My.. God!" Max said laughed, gasping for air in between words.

I was laughing so hard myself that I wasn't looking where I was going and tripped on a crack in the cement...  That really set her off.  She literally broke down on the side walk laughing so hard and trying to breath! This of course made me laugh as well.  We were drunk on giggles, and stumbled into the hotel laughing and trying to calm down.

We made it to the hotel room, and I slid my card key.  We had finally calmed down from all the laughs. I let Max go in first, and then I closed the door behind me.  When I got inside I thought I heard something in the bedroom... Taylor's purse was on the table, which meant she was home, but her jacket looked like it had been thrown on the ground.  Max noticed this too, and a worried look struck her face.  Slowly, I made my way to the bedroom, and the door was closed.  I took a big breath, and quickly opened it.  I couldn't believe my eyes.



[Max's POV]


Taylor was in her bra and underwear.  There was a man on top of her making out with her. Clothes were everywhere.  They were making noises, that weren't necessarily music to my ears...  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Harry stared at Taylor with wide eyes, and he started tearing up.  He just stood there, and finally he cleared his throat so Taylor would notice him.  Taylor looked up and her eyes met Harry's.  The man was still on top of her, and she pushed him off.  He then looked over at Harry and whispered to Taylor, "I thought you said he wouldn't be coming home for a while..."

"Harry, it's not what it looks like," was Taylor's crappy defense.

"No, Taylor, it's EXACTLY what it looks like, you slut," Harry yelled. 

"Harry! I'm sorry! Jared is-- just a friend!"

"Don't you pull shit with me Taylor. We are done. Do you hear me? We're OVER!" Harry yelled, tears getting caught in his throat.  With that he slammed the door and went into my room.  I followed him. 

I saw him laying on my bed staring at the ceiling, with a red nose and trembling lips.  He was breathing slowly and shakily.  I sat down next to him.  

"Harry, calm down.  She has a reputation for this," I said, trying to comfort him. 

"I know... I just can't believe she would do this.  I was a good boyfriend!"

"I know you were Harry, I know you were.  The best in fact," I said with a smile.  

He looked up with me with a smile, and sat up.  I sat straight across from him and I rest my forehead against his own, or noses almost touching.  And just like that, my lips met his, and we were kissing.  I had made up my mind.  I loved him.  

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