Life story :)

Harry and Emily are in love but they are in for a little more than they expected :)


3. Styles babies

Omg Emily cried out the next night she felt pain and she vomited so many times Harry took her to the hospital they rushed in and in room 128 is the room where the news came the doctor says " you too must have been very naughty a few days ago or less cause your pregnant Emily"
"BABE this is amazing we can do some many things with him or her.... Harry says
"What do you mean Harry this is terrible I'm only 19 i was expecting to live my life and plus your leaving on your tour... Harry (sighs) oh yeah I forgot" omg omg Emily says I'm not ready I'm not ready... Harry kisses her on the lips softly and the doctor says mhmm well then be on your way ..
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